For Sale: 3' X 5' American flag. Like new, but not in great shape

For Sale:  3' X 5' American flag.  Like new, but not in great shape

America adopted the Stars and Stripes as her flag on June 14, 1777.  In a cruel twist of irony, Donald Trump was born on the same date, 169 years later. 

The following was first posted on January 19, 2017:

The above pictured flag was first flown on July 4, 2016.  It was last flown on November 11, 2016.

A flag waved in front of my house for years, but a cut power line prevented me from flying it at night and I was too lazy to run it up and down the flag pole every day.

Maybe I’ll fix that power line one day.  Hopefully, in 4 years.

After that power line incident in 1997, I limited my flag raising to the usual times; Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, etc.

I flew my flag on Saturday, January 20, 2001, for President G.W. Bush’s inauguration, although I wasn’t really a fan.  I still think he stole that election.

I flew that flag in 2005 for Bush’s second inauguration.  I never thought G.W. was up to the job of president and he spent eight years confirming that suspicions, but I never disliked him personally.

Like President Obama, President Bush was a great family man and a role model for America’s husbands and fathers.

I flew my flag with glee for both of President Obama’s inaugurations (2009 and 2013) and I would probably be flying it tomorrow if Jeb Bush, John Kasich or even Rick Perry were being sworn into office.

I just can’t bring myself to fly that flag on this particular Inauguration Day.

The man being sworn in tomorrow seems to represent the very worst in America.  Donald Trump traffics in the fear that divides America and will use that fear to leverage his power and destroy American democracy.

He has given voice to greed, religious fanaticism, bigotry, treachery and a Neanderthal mentality and millions of Americans seem to be OK with all of that.

In my November 9, 2016 post entitled, “Congratulations President-elect Trump, I Wish You a Successful Presidency” I expressed my wishes for President-elect Trump’s success over the next 4 years. I meant it then and I still do.

Any patriotic American should want the president to succeed.  The president’s success is the country’s success.

Trump’s agenda however, is not aligned with the best interests of America.  With each passing day, it becomes more clear that America’s interests will be taking a back seat to Trump’s self interest.

Donald Trump started his campaign for the presidency by saying that Mexicans are rapists and ended it by describing how he could sexually assault women with impunity because of his celebrity.


It’s not the worst thing Trump’s ever said, it’s just the worst thing he said to Billy Bush that day.

Trump also has some really creepy ideas about his daughter.  You can see that for yourself by clicking HERE.

Why Trumpsters don’t believe their own eyes and their own ears when they see and hear Trump saying these crazy things is a mystery.    The sad thing here is that calling the incoming president a jackass IS with all due respect.

My feelings about the Stars and Stripes are no secret and I don’t feel the need to defend myself to the pseudo-patriot crowd.  You can read a recent post of mine discussing the national anthem by clicking HERE.

These are, as they say, unprecedented times.  For the next 4 years (I hope), the flag in front of my house will be  “L’Unifolié” (French nickname for Canadian flag).

Between the things that Trump says, the things he tweets and cabinet picks that are uniquely unqualified for their respective posts, it’s far less embarrassing to pretend to be visiting foreigners.

As it turns out, deportation may not be the worst punishment.  Happy Flag Day.

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