Don't blame me for your president's malfeasance

Don't blame me for your president's malfeasance

I rarely read anything on Facebook or scroll down far enough to see how people react to my pearls of wisdom.

It is only when alerted that I hear names like Ronnie, Mike, Benedetto, Jim or Gary, but I am insulated from their curious insults by the words of Jesus; Cast not pearls before swine.

So, swine, why are you angry with me?  I’m not the one who lied and said the coronavirus was No big deal. I’m not the one who said it was under control.

I’m not the one who wanted to keep the Grand Princess cruise ship quarantined at sea to prevent her 21 cases of coronavirus from inflating the number of cases here in America.  I’m not the one who said that I like my numbers where they are.

As if 21 more cases of coronavirus would even make a difference (we’re at about 9,000 right now, a number that may soon be dwarfed as testing becomes more available).

To read about a self-obsessed, moron of a president ignoring, downplaying and lying about a coming pandemic, giving it cover to spread among our population, click HERE.

Donald John Trump buried his fat, orange head in the sand while yet another enemy invaded our shores, this one crippling our health care system and our economy.

Let’s get something straight, Messrs Schramm, Zerfoss, et al; I’m no Monday morning quarterback.  I’m not looking in my rear view mirror or making judgments in hindsight.

I’ve been warning of the destructive capability of an ignorant, pathologically lying narcissist for almost FIVE YEARS (four years, ten months and a few days).

Donald John Trump cares about one thing and one thing only; Donald John Trump.

We’ve known about the threat of this coronavirus since the beginning of December.  Not only did Donald John Trump fail to do anything about it, but he took measures to make sure that no one in his administration spoke up.

We’ve seen how the Trump administration and Trump justice department treat whistleblowers.  Who is even left to speak up?

President Barack Obama established a pandemic response team and a global network of scientists and health care professionals to be vigilant for threats to America and the world.

Trump, in his non-stop effort to erase the legacy of America’s only non-white president obliterated all that, rendering the United States blind and behind the curve of any meaningful response.

Trump was warned about all of this, even before he took office.  In what alternate universe is this man on YOUR side?

Now Trump says that he always knew that coronavirus was going to be a pandemic.  That’s obviously a LIE, but it would be worse if it was true.

Why, if he knew it was a pandemic would he spend precious months pretending that it wasn’t even happening?  It was just a couple of weeks ago that he told us that the numbers were going DOWN.

Fox “News” flew cover for his ignorance and lies, only now admitting that they may have downplayed the threat to a fault.

Even while they were advising their own employees to observe the hand-washing and social-distancing protocols being promoted by the “fake” media.

You guys want to hate the messenger, go ahead.  I understand that when there is no defense for the indefensible, you have to attack someone.

We’ve seen that play out ad nauseum in the age of Trump.

What about this, what about that?  Do you think you could’ve done better? How about Hillary, how about Obama, how about Biden?

Well, how about them? How about Calvin Coolidge?

None of those people are president right now and the person who is represents a threat to our very existence.

Contrary to what you’ve been hearing from Sean Hannity, Democrats don’t want to destroy America.  We just see government as a vehicle to improve lives, just as it’s helping out right now.

You want to fix America, take Michael Jackson’s advice.  Start with The Man in the Mirror.

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