Did you celebrate the 1-month anniversary of Donald Trump telling America that coronavirus would magically disappear?

Did you celebrate the 1-month anniversary of Donald Trump telling America that coronavirus would magically disappear?

Thursday was the one month anniversary of one of Donald Trump’s more memorable miscalculations.

Ignoring the warnings of scientists, health care professionals and his own national security team, Trump assured America that coronavirus would magically disappear.

In the rambling, incoherent demeanor of one performing fellatio on himself, Trump said, When you have 15 people, and a 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that is a pretty good job we’ve done.

A reasonably intelligent, honest president might have said, We have 15 cases of coronavirus here in America, so we know the virus has crossed our shores. We need to act now to limit its spread.

That’s what a reasonably intelligent, honest president might have said.  That’s what a president who puts the nation’s interests before his own might have said.

Our self-obsessed, shameless president said no such thing.  His only thoughts were of himself and his reelection prospects.

On March 6, Trump said that he liked his numbers where they were and didn’t want to inflate them by bringing ashore two Americans from the cruise ship Grand Princess for treatment.

Donald Trump did not want to bring two Americans off of a cruise ship to be treated by American doctors because he was worried about his numbers.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

Right now it would be great if we only had TWO HUNDRED coronavirus patients.  Hell, it’d be great if we only had two hundred coronavirus deaths.

As I write this, we have over 120,000 cases of the virus, more than 2,000 deaths.  Would those numbers be lower if Donald Trump had acted sooner, instead of trying to manage them?

We can only speculate, but it’s reasonable to conclude that we would be better off if Donald Trump was not in charge.

You can read more about Trump’s lies, exaggerations and downplaying a pandemic HERE.

Trump is withholding much needed medical supplies from states like Michigan and New York because he’s not feeling the love from those states’ governors (Gretchen Whitmer and Andrew Cuomo, respectively).

If it seems right to you that the President of the United States (ALL of the United States) requires governors to kiss his ring in exchange for life saving ventilators, please stop reading here and cancel your subscription to this blog.

Much of the damage Donald Trump has inflicted upon America will be calculated and chronicled for generations.  The price America is paying in human suffering and death right now will be available in the months to come.

Whether history is rewritten to blame it all on Democrats, Barack Obama and “fake news” may depend on the outcomes of the next couple of elections.

One question that may never be answered is how Trumpsters always find a way to swallow the spin.  When he tells them to wipe from their memories what they heard him say last month, they do it, just like the Neuralyzer in Men in Black.

This new, new normal may have a lasting effect beyond gutted 401k’s.  For many, life will be a heavy burden with nightmares of loss, deprivation and vulnerability.

For some, it will remain a hoax, and they will move forward in the fog of oblivion that has always defined their lives.

For the rest of us, life will go on.  Our instincts will redefine our routines and we will reestablish what relationships we can.

But we won’t forget.  Any of it.

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