Yes, Trumpsters, we want to kill your cattle. And then we're going to cut them up into steaks

Yes, Trumpsters, we want to kill your cattle.  And then we're going to cut them up into steaks

Little Donnie Trump whipped a crowd in Iowa into a frenzy last week by telling them that Democrats want to kill their cattle. I guess that sounds pretty bad…until you realize that the whole point of raising cattle is to take them to slaughter.

Bill Maher says that we have to learn to hate Trump without hating his supporters. It’s getting pretty hard to respect them, though.

In Wildwood, New Jersey last week Trump reprised his Mexico-will-pay-for-the-wall routine.  Among normal folks, that would have been met with groans and eyeball rolling, but that’s what’s scary about Trump rallies.

New Jersey cheered like MetLife Stadium just lowered the price of beer to two bucks.

Anyone with a lick of sense knows that Mexico isn’t paying for any wall, although muchos hombres latinoamericanos might want Trump’s head for a wall hanging.

As for all the “new” wall that Trump’s been bragging about, that too, is a lie. Trump’s own administration admitted in November that there really is no “new” wall.

Somewhere between 78 and 93 miles of wall have been built, but it has only been constructed to replace existing structures that had been previously scheduled for upgrade.

Trump’s wall, which he describes as a “world-class security system” has proven to be easily climbable (the current record is 45 seconds) and vulnerable to a hundred dollar Home Depot saw.

If all that doesn’t whack a few Trumpsters in the head, a section of Trump’s beautiful wall was recently blown over by a strong wind. 

That could’ve knocked some sense into a whole basket full of deplorables.

The New Jersey rally was packed.  According to estimates, 26% of the crowd were Democrats and 10% were people who neglected to vote in 2016.

That could be problematic for the 2020 Democratic nominee, especially if Trump can drag out some new voters, even if they’re completely deaf and very dumb.

Between re-hashing the 2016 election, self-victimization and spewing self-serving, sophomoric, unbelievable nonsense, Trump continues to cultivate, consolidate and motivate a very loyal following.

But I have to ask, WTF?  What are they thinking?  What happened to common sense?

Since taking office, Trump has made some 17,000 provably false or misleading claims. Most of them are just outright lies.

How can any reasonable person believe one single thing that comes out of his mouth?

Even his own administration had to admit that he broke the law by withholding congressionally approved funding from Ukraine.

Ukraine.  That’s a whole ‘nother story and we’ll save it for another tirade.

Let’s get serious, though.  This guy is an idiot.  He doesn’t know anything, not even simple stuff you would expect the President of the United States to know.

Last night he congratulated the “Great State of Kansas” for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Superbowl victory.  OK, that’s an easy mistake.  FOR MOST PEOPLE.

But he’s the president and he should know better.

Kansas City, Kansas is a sleepy little town of about 150,00 people.  Kansas City, Missouri, a city of about 500,000 is the home of Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs play.

Oh, well.  I’m done for now.  Have a great week and don’t forget about SOTU tomorrow night.

And don’t believe a word of it.

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