Just one question for Ronnie M. of Lake Como, Wisconsin: Why Ronnie, why?

Just one question for Ronnie M. of Lake Como, Wisconsin:  Why Ronnie, why?

Ronnie M. of Lake Como, Wisconsin is a great guy PERIOD FULL STOP

The question though, is Why?  Why has he chosen to squander his devotion on a completely undeserving man?

We were talking about Ronnie yesterday, Broomhilda and I and we could not come up with a single bad thing to say about him.

If we had to rate Ronnie on a likability scale from one to ten, he would be an eleven.  Ronnie is one of the most likable people you could ever meet.

He’s smart, funny, a good dancer; just the kind of guy people like to be around.

One of the best Thanksgivings I can remember was spent in a cabin in the mountains with our two families.  It was everything a Thanksgiving dinner should be, without all the family infighting.

If you offered me $1,000 to say something bad about Ronnie, I could not do it (make it $10,000 and I could make something up).

Ronnie has a brother who is also a pretty great guy, but I envy that brother for the brother he has.

In the years since I first met Ronnie, I have not known him to suffer bad guys.  Liars, cheats and other forms of human scum need not apply.

So, why does a guy like Ronnie support a guy like Trump?  That’s all I want to know.

A recent post on Ronnie’s Facebook page included a picture of the Trumps at the LSU-Clemson football game last weekend.

In the picture, Trump was slouching in a baggy suit, with his hand over his heart as Christian singer Lauren Daigle performed the national anthem.  Melania, a few feet away and also with her hand over her heart looked bored.

Ronnie’s caption read, Our President and First Lady. Awesome! USA! USA! USA!

What was so awesome, Ronnie?  That the First Lady was on the same football field as Little Donnie or that he wasn’t tweeting?

This is a guy whose father bought him student deferments and bone spurs to avoid service to his country while your Ronnie’s uncle was bleeding his way to a Purple Heart.  In what way is he awesome?

Little Donnie has a DECADES LONG record as a liar, cheat, racist, serial philanderer and sex offender. How does that square with Ronnie’s Christian values?

I’m an atheist and I know more about the Bible than Little Donnie. He can’t even correctly name one biblical passage.

Another post on Ronnie’s FB page that caught my eye reads:  A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.

Without fear of contradiction, I can say that Ronnie M. of Lake Como, Wisconsin is that dad.

What happens though, when the full extent of Donald Trump’s crimes against America finally come out?  It may be a year, it may be five years, but IT WILL COME OUT.  What will Ronnie’s daughters think about him then?

What if we switched it around and said,  Women need a president to be the standard against which they will judge all men?

Is this misogynist, Nazi loving, self-dealing, pussy grabbing, pathologically lying dictator wannabe the standard by which Ronnie’s girls should judge all men?

Contrary to what you might hear on Fox “News,” we Liberals do not hate Conservatives, we just have a different vision of what a democratic America should look like.

So I’m asking Ronnie, not as someone who hates you but as someone who genuinely likes and respects you:  WHY?

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