Donald J. Trump, president manque

Donald J. Trump, president manque

Struggling to write these posts, I sometimes find myself searching for words that don’t seem to exist.  This week I discovered a few that fill the void; let’s take them out for a spin.

The first word is manque -pronounced man-kay’– and it describes someone who has failed to become what he might have been, someone who failed to meet expectations, is unsuccessful or defective.

Donald J. Trump is the poster child of manque.

During the first year of his presidency, cable news was perpetually speculating as to when Little Donnie might start to behave just a tad more presidential.  They called it a pivot.

There was no pivot.  He only became more emboldened as the GOP lined up to provide cover, lies, alternative facts or anything else necessary to mask Donnie’s unbridled criminality.

Little Donnie has failed to unite America (not that he tried) and he has failed even his most ardent supporters.  Fortunately for him, they don’t realize it because they get their news from the manque man himself (or any of the interchangeable Fox “News” sycophants).

The great deal maker has yet to make a single deal.  He’s walked away from a half dozen, but failed to negotiate a single new one or even renegotiate an old one.

He hasn’t built a wall, his tax breaks went to the wealthy and coal and manufacturing jobs are declining while our output of filth into our environment increases exponentially.

He says he wants crystal clean air and water, but that would be one of about 16,000 LIES he’s told since taking office.

Trump appointed two conservative Supreme Court judges, although one of them was handed to him on a silver platter by Moscow Mitch, who stole that nomination from Barack Obama.

Either way, those appointments may be victories for evangelicals, but not for America as a nation.

They are victories for whackos like Pastors wife, who posted the following online rant:

let me explain something to you people.
We Supporters know Trump is the co-creator of the universe; Trump was with the Father from the beginning of time and before.
So when Trump says “We’ll do something” He brings it into existence with his very words!
Trump’s words are NOT Lies!!!….. Trump’s words are a New Truth!
Praise Trump Forever and ever!
Can aye ear a loud AMEN?

(Even I couldn’t make that up)

Pastors wife gives us a lot to unpack, but if she thinks the concept of New Truth is novel, it’s not.  It’s just a crazier version of Kellyanne’s alternative facts, which are not facts at all, but LIES.

The second word is solipsism, which is a syndrome manifesting itself in extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc: egoistic self absorption.

I don’t care who you are, you have never seen anyone as self absorbed as Donald J. Trump.  If you don’t think that he puts himself before every aspect of this nation’s interests, then you are a black belt in the art of self-deception.

The only thing that rivals Donnie’s constant need to interject himself into every possible situation – even weighing in on Prince Harry’s personal life – is his obsession with blaming and tearing down the legacy of President Barack Obama.

For reasons known (or unknown) only to himself, Donnie struggles to escape the long shadow of his predecessor, something which he will never do.

Donnie is a compulsive, pathological liar.  You can fact check that for yourself, but I can tell you that if you believe a word out of that fool’s mouth, then you are the fool.

Qassem Suleimani deserved what he got.  Contrary to what partisan hack Doug Collins (R-GA) says, NO ONE is mourning Suleimani’s death.

But why now (on the eve of an impeachment trial)?  How imminent was the threat of Qassem Suleimani if we don’t even know when or where he was going to strike?  How many embassies was he targeting? One? Many? Four?

Donnie just makes that shit up, exaggerations growing as he hops from rally to rally.

Our third word is venal, which means open to bribery.

And that, my friends is the final word.

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