Is an annual 80 rounds of golf par for the course or is Trump headed for the rough?

Is an annual 80 rounds of golf par for the course or is Trump headed for the rough?
image: Daily Kos

A perpetual theme in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was President Barack Obama’s time on the links.

According to Trump, President Obama played too much golf, something he (Trump) would never do because he would be working too hard.

President Obama played 306 rounds of golf during his eight year presidency. That’s 38 rounds a year, which classifies the former president as an avid golfer.

In stark contrast to Donald Trump, who plays almost exclusively at private clubs (his own), President Obama largely golfed at courses on military bases in and around Washington, DC..  Less than 20% of President Obama’s tee times were at private clubs.

The fun thing about Trump golfing at his own clubs is that he not only gets to charge American taxpayers for the golf, cart rentals, lunches, dinners, Secret Service accommodations, etc., he gets to put all that money into his own pocket.

Where did you think it went?

According to Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, President Obama’s golf outings cost taxpayers about $114 million over the course of 8 years.

Stumbling into his fourth year of presidency, Donald Trump has already charged taxpayers about $150 million for his time on the greens.

Extrapolating, Trump would cost us some $350 million over an eight year presidency (God forbid), more than 100 years of the salary that he likes to brag about giving away.

Donnie, bubelah.  Take the damn salary, just cut back on the golf.

Trump took 111 days of vacation during his first year in office.  Over the past three years he is averaging about one golf day for every four work days. If you’re looking for him, there’s a 20% chance he’s at one of his golf clubs.

In Trump’s defense, he’s working more than his press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, who earns almost $200,000 a year and has yet to give a single press briefing.

Donald Trump is projected to finish his 4-year term having played about 322 rounds of golf, or more than President Obama played in eight years.  That means that Trump plays more than twice as much golf as did President Obama and at FOUR TIMES THE COST.

Let’s not begrudge Trump his golf. After all, the more time he spends on a golf cart, the less damage he can do to the rest of the country.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if Trump golfed every day. I didn’t vote for him and I expected no less from him.

I’ve known Donald J. Trump to be a lying piece of human waste since the 1990’s.  He was a liar, a cheat and an amoral narcissist then and that has only intensified over the last 30 years.

If I was a MAGA-hat-wearing, rally-attending guy who believed in Trump back in 2016, I’d be a little miffed right now.

Why all the talk about golf?  If that was all BS, what else was BS?  What’s BS now?

For reasons that will be discussed, analyzed and disputed for generations, Trump voters can not be dissuaded.

Golf is just a microcosm of an overflowing swamp.  Inexplicably, Trumpsters don’t see a problem with non-stop, self-dealing golf trips and they don’t see a problem with anything else.

It’s OK for YOUR GUY to ask foreign governments for election assistance, to call Nazis “very fine people,” to attack Gold Star families and yes, even to shoot people on 5th Avenue.

Somehow, they see the guy who has clearly demonstrated his complete disregard for everyone but himself as being their guy, their savior.

Personally, I’m perplexed.  I can only offer America the following warning:


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