Year end "Friend" clearance

Year end "Friend" clearance

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It’s that time of the year, when we try to make changes, resolutions and improvements in our lives. Being a collector (not a hoarder, as some would say), I have plenty to dump, donate or otherwise dispose.

An inadvertent click yesterday brought me to the Official Donald J. Trump Facebook page, where I was immediately informed that (name withheld) and 50 more of my “Friends” liked that page.

The list of names was unsurprising, most seemed likely travelers to hop aboard the Trump/Hannity bullshit train.

Admittedly, a few of the names gave me pause, but people can be indiscriminate with their “Likes.”

I don’t consider people with opposing political views my enemy, nor do I consider people who support crappy presidents my enemy.

I don’t even consider people who watch Fox “News” and think that they’re seeing anything akin to reality as my enemy.  They’re just uninformed and dangerously misinformed.

I do consider friends of my enemy as my enemy.

Donld J. Trump is the best thing to happen to hate groups in America since George Wallace.  Whether it’s the Ku Klux Klan, American Nazi Party, White Aryan Resistance or Phineas Priesthood, they all love Donald J. Trump.

Whether you think Trump is a racist, a nationalist, anti-Semitic or just an imbecile is irrelevant.  He basks in the flames of hatred and violence fueled by his words.

When Trump is quoted verbatim on social media and in manifestos of those who open fire on minority communities here in America and around the world, you can’t deny the connection.

Trumps words lead to hate crimes.

The Crusader, newspaper of the KKK, supports Trump’s 2020 reelection bid and they were the first newspaper to endorse him in 2016.

Supporting Donald Trump is a tacit endorsement of racism, white supremacy and anti-Semitism.

You can’t say that you support his agenda on this or that, but not his hate-fueling rhetoric.  That’s like saying that you supported Hitler because you like Volkswagens (established in 1937 by Hitler’s German Labor Front), but you didn’t support that whole extermination thing.

It’s also irrelevant that Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter converted.  Trump embraces any evil that keeps him in power.

Jews who think that Trump is best thing for Israel since knitted yarmulkes should think again.

Whatever Trump does for Israel is to curry favor with evangelicals.  Get a copy of the New Testament and read Revelations.  It’ll be a revelation.

Trump has created a volatile and dangerous Middle East for Israel and he will throw her under the bus (or to Putin) when it suits his purpose.

Trump sent big kahuna evangelist Robert Jeffress to open our embassy in Jerusalem.  Jeffress, possibly best known for declaring (repeatedly) that all Jews will go to Hell.

Trump’s Israel initiatives are preparation for the End Times (end of Jews), rapture, second coming and other magical events described in the Book of Revelations.

It’s all for his evangelical voters, who outnumber Jewish voters by a landslide, a word I hate to use in this context.

It is not because of any policy disagreements that I must now cull the herd of friends.

It’s shameful, but not criminal that you’re oblivious to Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin, his ignorance about foreign policy, his demeaning of American institutions, his destruction of our planet and his use our nation’s highest office for his own personal benefit.

It’s even OK if you’re OK with the fact that he’s a fucking liar.  Not just a politician who lies, but a compulsive, remorseless liar who lies about everything all of the time.

That’s OK.  Everyone has right to be stupid, even if you’re abusing the privilege.

I’m just not up for another round of appeasement.  Not again.

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