Death and boozama in the South Pacific

Death and boozama in the South Pacific

Warning: This is a very old joke

Derek and Phil were long time sailing buddies, three years into an around the world adventure.

Somewhere in the South Pacific a terrible storm destroyed their boat and set them adrift 100 yards offshore of an uncharted island inhabited by a strange group of natives.

Derek and Phil unknowingly trudged ashore during one of the natives’ secret ceremonies. Being very superstitious, the natives took it as a bad omen and captured the two intrepid sailors and hung them from an overhead tree branch by their wrists.

About an hour later, one of the elder natives appeared and in halting English, told Derek and Phil that they had interrupted a very sacred ritual and they would be given a choice of death or boozama.

Figuring that anything was better than death, Derek spoke up first and said that he would take the boozama, whereupon he was immediately cut down from the tree limb, stripped naked and tied to a crude wooden table.

The men of the village¬†lined up and began taking turns sodomizing Derek, his screams unbearable to Phil, who shut his eyes and prayed until Derek’s screams finally ended.

Hoping to escape the horror faced by his friend, Phil told the elder that he wished to be put to death.

The elder turned to the natives, raised his walking stick above his head and shouted, “Death…….by boozama!!!”

So now that Donald Trump’s been impeached by the House and will face some sort of trial in the Senate, I’d like to offer Mitch McConnell an alternative to the whole removal dilemma.

Let Trump make the choice himself.

What’s it going to be, Donnie?¬† Death or boozama?

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