George Zimmerman had the gun in his hand BEFORE he confronted Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman had the gun in his hand BEFORE he confronted Trayvon Martin

The following was first posted on July 11, 2013.  George Zimmerman is now suing the family of Trayvon Martin for $100 Million and there are more details to come, but you can refresh your memory of the case by clicking HERE.

There’s only one plausible scenario that fits the known facts of the altercation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman had his gun in his hand when he first confronted Martin, whose fight or flight response launched him into a struggle for his life.

In an effort to show that Zimmerman would not have started the fight with Martin, his defense team produced a couple of trainers who testified that Zimmerman was a fat pussy.  He was out of shape and he couldn’t throw a punch.

What then, gave him the confidence to confront a suspicious person, high on drugs?  He already had the gun in his hand, that’s what.

Zimmerman stated that he had his gun in a holster in his waistband, behind his back.  A pretty typical place for carrying a concealed weapon.

Let’s consider just two questions.

Forget about who started the fight.  Forget about why Zimmerman got out of his truck or why he labeled Trayvon Martin as a suspicious person to the 9-1-1 operator.

Forget about the fact that Martin was a 17-year old, unarmed kid walking home from a convenience store with Skittles and iced tea, something every 17-year old in America should be able to do without fear of being accosted or shot.

Forgot about the fact that Martin could have used his can of Arizona Iced Tea as a weapon if he were the aggressor.

Zimmerman said that in his scuffle with Martin he noticed Martin looking at his gun, at which point he drew his gun and fired.

If Zimmerman was laying on his back as he has consistently stated, with Martin straddling him, raining down blows on his face, trying to smother him and smashing his head against the pavement:

1. How was it possible for Martin to see the gun in Zimmerman’s waistband, behind his back?

2. How could a fat pussy (as described by Zimmerman’s own witnesses) get a gun from a holster in his waistband behind his back?

Zimmerman already had the gun in his hand, that’s how.  That’s what made him brave enough to confront Martin. That’s why didn’t have marks on his hands, he already knew what he was going to do.

Zimmerman wasn’t there to scuffle with one of these assholes who always get away with it.  He was there to administer justice, vigilante style.

George Zimmerman executed Trayvon Martin for being black and wearing a hoodie.

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