Is impeachment a turning point for Donald Trump or just one more non-event?

Is impeachment a turning point for Donald Trump or just one more non-event?

The first turning point in Donald Trump’s run for the presidency seemed to come on the day he announced it.

Who could launch a presidential campaign from a platform based on the criminality of Mexicans?

About Jeb Bush, Trump said, He has to like the Mexican illegals because of his wife.

So much for the conventional wisdom of 2015.

There seemed no doubt that Trump’s attack on John McCain would turn a nation of veterans, service members and patriots against him.

Trump’s father bought him bone spurs to keep him out of the army and he had the unmitigated gall to say that he prefers guys who weren’t captured.

After that, we probably shouldn’t have been surprised by Trump’s attack on Kzir and Ghazala Khan, Gold Star parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Captain Khan was killed running toward a bomb to protect his men. Captain Bone Spurs ran from serving his country.

By the time Trump attacked pregnant, Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson, we were already numb to it. We had given up the moral high ground from which to demand decency.

After one Republican debate Trump called Megyn Kelly a “lightweight” and said, she was bleeding from her wherever.

Then the infamous pussy tape came out and I got numerous texts proclaiming, He’s toast or He’s done. Optimistic, but wrong.

Clearly there are many who walk among us with a huge tolerance for horrible behavior and an uncanny ability to flaunt hypocrisy.

It seemed like a big deal that Trump invited two Russian spies into the Oval Office, with NO American journalists present and shared highly classified information, jeopardizing Israeli intelligence operatives.

Maybe that was too complicated.

Charlottesville was pretty straightforward.  Protesters stood up to Nazis carrying torches and chanting, Jews will not replace us and an innocent young woman was killed by a Nazi in car.

Trump said, there were very fine people on both sides.

We shrugged when he called African nations shitholes.   And when he turned a blind eye to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia ordering the murder of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

Republicans stood silent after watching Trump prostrate himself before Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, accepting Putin’s version of events in 2016 over the entire U.S. intelligence community – SEVENTEEN AGENCIES.

Evangelicals are fine with Trump putting children into cages.  Fox’s Brian Kilmeade said, They’re not our children.

And then there was the Mueller Report, which detailed 150 contacts between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign as well as TEN attempts by Trump to quash the investigation and obstruct justice.

Thanks to Bill Barr’s willingness to lie his ass off to protect Donald Trump, that report, anticipated as a bombshell was received with a yawn.

Trump sent American troops scurrying in retreat as he handed Syria over to his two favorite strongmen, Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan.  The betrayal and displacement of our Kurdish allies were just collateral damage, as was the increased threat to our other regional ally, Israel.

Besides increasing instability in the area, Iran now has a clear path to the Jewish state.

Which brings us to the latest turning point, impeachment.

Trump and his henchmen conspired to force Ukraine (first Petro Poroshenko, then Volodymyr Zelensky) to dig up dirt on Trump’s perceived rival, Joe Biden.

Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine, aid they needed to survive, to get that dirt.  In a June 25, 2019 phone call, Trump tells Zelensky, We’d like you to do us a favor, THOUGH.

In essence, Trump put $400 Million of congressionally approved, taxpayer money into his own pocket and used it as a bargaining chip.

At the same time, Ukraine was fending off a Russian invasion, losing some 16,000 soldiers and having about 1.5 million Ukrainians displaced.

When Trump said, We’d like you to do us a favor, THOUGH, his meaning was clear and the stakes could not have been higher for Ukraine.  This was naked extortion on the part of the President of the United States for his own personal, political gain.

Republicans have circled the wagons with a dizzying assortment of defenses from No quid pro quo to Ukraine got the money (eventually) to Yeah, it’s bad, but it’s not impeachable.

The House will impeach Trump along party lines.  It will look like a partisan impeachment and set a problematic precedent going forward.

Mitch McConnell will toss it in the garbage and Little Donnie will inch a bit closer to a second term.

Impeachment? Turning point? Let me know if Santa Claus comes down your chimney.

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