Is Tom Selleck a bull rider or just a lot of bull?

Is Tom Selleck a bull rider or just a lot of bull?

Warning:  Today’s offering contains no political content

Blue Boods (starring Tom Selleck) is our Friday night date, unless we go out, in which case we watch it from our Saved list.

Selleck’s had some great roles, including Jesse Stone, Nick Lassiter and Dr. Burke (Monica’s boyfriend on Friends).  In his current role as NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, he gets a lot of help from a strong cast and his omnipresent mustache.

Sellick’s signature role will always be as Magnum PI‘s Thomas Magnum (1980-1988).  The remake, which premiered last season, proves that Selleck is to Magnum what Sean Connery is to Bond.

We were watching Blue Bloods Friday night when Commissioner Reagan’s son, Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) turned to his grandfather (Len Cariou) and said, This isn’t my first rodeo.

It was clear that Detective Reagan was telling his grandfather that the case he was working was not the first of its kind that he worked.

Coincidentally (or not), Tom Selleck opens his latest barrage of reverse mortgage ads with that same reference,  This isn’t my first rodeo.

It’s difficult though, to frame that familiar idiom in the context of a loan ad.

I found no evidence of Selleck riding a bull or participating in any other rodeo event, although he owns an avocado ranch in Hidden Valley, CA.

With a net worth over $45 Million, it’s unlikely that he’s ever needed a reverse mortgage, so the only rodeo to which he metaphorically refers must be making those ads, something he has definitely done before.

In that context, it’s not clear how his participation in ad campaigns makes him trustworthy.   I’m not saying that Tom Selleck is not trustworthy, I just don’t have any evidence that he is.

As a parting shot, Selleck closes the ad by saying that he’s been around long enough to know what’s what.  Not to be picayune, but what exactly, is what?

At what age does the meaning of what become clear?

To the point, does being 74 years of age come with the requisite certification for Selleck to dispense financial advice?

Obviously, Selleck is reading a script, just as he did playing Magnum and as he does now playing Commissioner Reagan, but some people don’t seem to be able to separate real life from what they see on TV.

Who doesn’t love long time Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek?  Millions of Americans were heartbroken by the news of Trebek’s battle with cancer.

When he tells us that the three most important things about life insurance are price, price and price, we want to believe him.

When he tells us that we can all get great life insurance for $9.95 a month, we want to think that it’s a great deal.

What Trebek doesn’t tell us is that a 50-year old can get a heck of a lot more life insurance for $9.95 a month than a 70-year old.  He also doesn’t mention that while premiums may be locked in for life, the amount of coverage may diminish over time.

What does all this mean?  Not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but it does fortify some warnings that we tend to dismiss.

Advertisements lie, that’s just the nature of the business.  As any wise, old Roman would tell you: Caveat emptor (Let the buyer beware).

Regarding the accusation that Tom Selleck stole some 1.4 million gallons of water back in 2015, the Ventura County sheriff said that he could find no evidence of a crime.

Selleck settled the civil suit for $21,000.

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