Don't let a chant of "Lock him up" lead you to a false equivalency

Don't let a chant of "Lock him up" lead you to a false equivalency

On Halloween I posted a piece entitled, To lock him up or not to lock him up, that is the question for Joe and Mika.  I got some very spooky responses.

Now that I’ve gotten all the makeup off my face, I can see that upon deeper reflection, there’s a little more to it than whether or not Nats fans were observing proper etiquette.

The question is if the Lock him up chant was the same as Trump’s Lock her up chorus.

It’s hard to say when the first chant of Lock her up was heard, but its provenance as a go-to thing began during Chris Christie’s speech at the Republican National Convention in July of 2016.

That was back when Christie was still laboring under the misconception that he would have a spot in a Trump administration.

Rattling off a list of “crimes” alleged to have been committed by Hillary Clinton, Christie paused after each one long enough to ask the audience, Guilty or not guilty?

Emotions rose as the former prosecutor built his imaginary case to a point where his “jury” decided the verdict and passed sentence.  It’s unclear which delegation started it, but the chant of Lock her up soon rocked that arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Thus was born Trump’s ubiquitous rally cry, criminalizing an opponent who had never, through countless investigations been accused of a crime.

Just a month before the election, Trump decried, She’s got to go to jail.

On the soft side, Trump’s criminalization of an opponent was despicable.  In the hard light, it is a page right out of the Putin playbook, one that we have now seen played out repeatedly against his enemies, perceived and real.

Something else we’ve seen played out repeatedly and in plain sight is a laundry list of crimes, big and small.

Everyone from Adam Schiff to Robert Mueller and Joe Scarborough has delineated for us an Executive Branch that holds itself above the law.  The crimes range from conspiracy and self-dealing to extortion and obstruction of justice.

We have a Congress full of sycophants and toadies who are willing to destroy their own credibility in order to stay in the President’s good graces.

All for the approbation of a rabid base.

Add to that toxic mixture a hand-picked Attorney General who is not only unwilling to enforce the law of the land, but ready, willing and anxious to ignore, distort and break that law in favor of an imperial presidency.

This is not just a case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  This is a case of critically thinking Americans hoping that it’s not too late for grievous wrongs to be righted.

This is a case of one evil, self-indulgent man carefully destroying the ability of our government to keep itself in check.  To keep him in check.

Jon Meacham was wrong when he said that the Founding Fathers crafted the Constitution for this very moment.  They couldn’t possibly have foreseen this moment.

For reasons that defy common sense and logic, the Founding Fathers crafted a Constitution for those who would respect it, the three branches of government it created and the laws contained within.

This is not that.

Was a stadium full of baseball fans chanting Lock him up rude and disrespectful or was it long overdue?

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