Little Donnie put his reelection and Trump Towers in Turkey ahead of the safety and security of every American citizen. Is that bad?

Little Donnie put his reelection and Trump Towers in Turkey ahead of the safety and security of every American citizen.  Is that bad?

According to Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), a man who allowed the team doctor at Ohio State University to sexually abuse wrestlers, Donnie is doing a great job.

Anyone who’s ever fact checked my writing though, knows that you can trust me when I say he is lying. Bigly.

Donnie called Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and asked him to investigate American citizen Joseph Biden, who just happens to be Donnie’s perceived rival in the 2020 presidential election.

Some have suggested that Donnie wants to knock Biden out of the primary because he’d rather face the more liberal Elizabeth Warren.

Regarding the phone call, Congressmen Jordan and Matt Gaetz, Senator Lindsey Graham and the GOP fairy tale machine are pushing a false narrative about there being no quid pro quo proffered by Donnie. Don’t be fooled.

Besides the fact that the quid pro quo proffered was Ukraine’s very survival, the truth behind the GOP obfuscation is that no quid pro quo is necessary for Donnie’s request to be felonious.   It’s a crime PERIOD

Forget about the whistle blower – of which there are two now – the evidence exists in the transcript provided to Congress by the White House.

And Donnie’s own admissions.

It’s hard to imagine that a transcript white washed by the White House could be so damaging to the President.  It’s even harder to imagine how damaging an unedited copy might have been.

The quid pro quo came in the form of $400 Million worth of military aid Donnie withheld from Ukraine while Russia was knocking down her front door.  Good deal for Vladimir Putin.  Bad for Ukraine.  Bad for America’s security.

Then, just to kick a little sand in our faces, Donnie stood in the driveway of the White House and asked China to investigate Joe Biden.  With all the corruption in the world, all Donnie seems interested in is having foreign countries investigate his chief political opponent.

Let’s skip the China request for now.  Let’s not even get into the Attorney General of the United States hopscotching from Australia to Italy to the UK and Ukraine to prosecute a case against Joe Biden.

Let’s just note that Donnie is bringing a lot of fire power to bear on something that was already determined to be a giant nothing burger.

In 2015, presidential candidate Donnie Trump told Breitbart talk show host, Steve Bannon about a little conflict he might have when dealing with Turkey and her president, Tayyip Erdogan.

Said Trump, I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul.  You can read more about that HERE.

So, besides Russia and who knows who, our stable genius with unmatched wisdom is beholden to Turkey, her would-be autocrat and an oligarch named Aydın Dogan, the actual owner of Trump Towers Istanbul.

When Trump tried in 2017 to block immigration of Muslims from certain countries (including Turkey), Erdogan and Dogan threatened to remove Trump’s name from Trump Towers Istanbul.

Trump backed off, his name remained on the Towers in Istanbul and Turkey spends more money at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC than any other country.

See any quid pro quo there, Mr. Gaetz?

Donnie’s announcement Sunday night to pull out of Syria landed like a bombshell.  A bombshell dropped following a long phone with his Turkish buddy, Tayyip Erdogan.

We can only guess what Erdogan promised Trump, but we know that Trump threw our Kurdish allies, the ones who have been doing 95% of the heavy lifting in Syria, to the lions.  He green lighted an assault, probably a massacre of our allies and one of our greatest weapons against ISIS.

It should surprise no one if the Turks teamed up with Russia to slaughter the Kurds.

It’s a win for Turkey, Russia, Iran and for the Assad regime in Syria.  And of course, a win for Trump Inc.

The big losers are the Kurds, who will be decimated while American soldiers look on.   America loses because no other country will ever believe that they could trust us to have their backs.

Having to fight for their lives, the Kurds will turn loose some 10,000 prisoners, all hardened ISIS fighters.  Add that to an estimated 18,000 ISIS fighters who have regrouped in Syria and Iraq and you can see how that could be bad.  Really bad.

Poor Jared Kushner is going to see his plan for peace in the Middle East blow up before he even gets to think of it.

Not for nothing, but there’s another 2,000 European ISIS fighters being held by the Kurds who can’t wait to blow up a few things in America before they head for some R&R at Trump Towers Istanbul.

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