Kenny Weismuller's head is stuck somewhere, but at least he won't get sunburned

Kenny Weismuller's head is stuck somewhere, but at least he won't get sunburned

Kenny Weismuller (fake name) was one of two blasts from the past I encountered during a recent condolence call (shiva).

Shortly after I arrived, a woman introduced herself as having been my high school shop teacher’s assistant back in 1967.  At the time, I was a junior and she was a senior and I may have been smitten with the (then) young lady.

It was a fun respite of catch-up and Jewish geography.

Later, while I was replenishing the ice in my red Solo cup, Weismuller walked over and, after some requisite pleasantries, he informed me that I was “really political.”

I must have looked confused, because I don’t know what it means to be “really political.”  I’ve never even run for office.

If by “really political” Weismuller meant that I pay attention to what’s going on in the world around me and occasionally comment on it, then yes, I am really political.

Before I had a chance to clarify the term though, Weismuller launched into his own really political diatribe, leaving me nodding and furrowing my eyebrows in response.

Nodding and furrowing my eyebrows is what I do to feign interest in a conversation and avoid prolonging it.

To summarize Weismuller’s evaluation of the current state of chaos and tribalism eating away at the fabric of America, the main problem is that Seth Meyers does not make fun of Nancy Pelosi.

It might have made a little more sense – or some sense – if he said that Stephen Colbert was the problem. After all, skewering Donald Trump is the general substance of most of Mr. Colbert’s opening monologues.

Coincidentally, it is my daily goal to catch Colbert’s opening monologue.  And then Seth Meyers’.

Listening to Weismuller, it was easy to imagine that he just landed here from a distant planet and is belaboring under the misconception that Donald Trump is the President of the United States in any substantive way, shape or form.

All things being equal, Trump might have gone down in history as one of our presidents; maybe good, maybe bad, maybe something in between.  All things however, are not equal.

No matter your political leanings, you have to see that we are a magnitude away from all things being equal.

The lying, the race baiting, the complete lack of empathy, compassion or even common knowledge are emblematic of Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House.

He has no convictions, political or moral, no sense of history, science, civics or even reality.  His only objective is to produce a daily reality show.

No one who has ever dealt with him walked away feeling that his word could be trusted.

No one can think that “America First” makes it onto his short list of considerations, assuming that there are any considerations at all.

Trump’s self-dealing is so transparent that it is being completely ignored. That would include an administration packed, top to bottom with Wall Street billionaires, Russian money launderers, lobbyists and liars.

The swamp in Washington, DC has reached oceanic proportions.

I will send Seth Meyers an email asking him to direct a few more of his political jabs at Nancy Pelosi.  In the mean time, I would advise Kenny Weismuller to get his head out of the Fox bubble – or wherever it’s stuck – and take a look out his window.

Having a president who doesn’t believe in global warming is like having a doctor who doesn’t believe in medicine.  Having a president who wants to nuke hurricanes is just fucking insane.

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