Why are the children of the Florida school not being listened to?

Why are the children of the Florida school not being listened to?

The title question was posted on Quora by Tom Kehoe, a self-described “firearms instructor, martial artist, bonsai-ka and longtime journalist.”

Since Kehoe posted an answer to his own question, it appears that he asked it just so that he could answer it.  You can read his answer HERE.

One of Kehoe’s main points is that being a survivor of gun violence does not give one the expertise to solve that problem.

While there may be some truth to that, experiencing gun violence first hand can bring a clarity and sense of urgency that seems to missing from those who would rather pontificate than initiate.

Following is my answer to Kehoe’s question:

Your question, Tom can be answered with just three letters: N-R-A.

The VAST majority of Americans – including MOST Republicans and MOST NRA members – want increased gun control.

The two most commonly suggested improvements are universal background checks and red flag laws.

People who say that it’s too complicated, no law would have prevented the mass shootings we’ve been experiencing, blah, blah, blah are LYING.

The NRA pays Mitch McConnell to keep ANY gun legislation from getting onto the Senate floor for a vote PERIOD.

The NRA is acting on behalf of the gun manufacturers, NOT on behalf of its members and Mitch McConnell is acting on behalf of the NRA, not on behalf of America or his constituents.

I am an avid shooter and legally carry a concealed weapon. The Army trained me to use an M16 and that training taught me one overriding lesson:  The M16 (and the civilian version, AR15) is a weapon of war designed to kill and seriously damage human beings quickly and efficiently.

No civilian not planning to overthrow the government or take on the NYPD needs an AR15, AK47 or any of the various versions of semi-automatic rifles on the market. If they are not available to the public, there would be far fewer casualties in the event some lunatic decides to go out shooting in a crowded bar, school or synagogue.

No one should be able to buy any type of gun ANYWHERE without going through a relevant background check and the records need to be nationalized and shared among all participating agencies. That’s just common sense. 

Anyone found to be irrational, violent or succumbing to online terrorist propaganda should not have access to weapons.

The 2nd Amendment does not give anyone the right to buy an UZI at a gun show without answering some questions.

The 2nd Amendment would not be diluted if the waiting period for a gun is increased from 3 days to 30 days, nor would it be a significant imposition on law abiding citizens.  

It’s clearly a problem if someone needs to get their hands on a gun quickly.

New travel restrictions (Real ID) go into effect on October 1, 2020. This will definitely be an inconvenience for some people, especially those not prepared for it, but it is being done in the interest of public safety. 

That’s how the social covenant of a civilized society works.  

No gun law will prevent every shooting, just as no law prevents murder, rape, arson or a self-dealing president. That doesn’t however, mean that there should be no laws.

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