Fox viewers sum up the destruction of America by labeling it "just politics"

Fox viewers sum up the destruction of America by labeling it "just politics"

A popular throw away line for Fox’s audience is as dangerous as it is simpleminded.  By saying it’s just politics, they relieve themselves of the necessity to know things.

Ms. Danine L. of Winnetka, Illinois called her parents last week to ask them to turn off the Mueller hearings.  She told them that it was just politics.

Meaningless sound bites tend to absolve us of the need to form a thought, but make no mistake.  The phrase just politics is as meaningless as it is vapid.

Saying that the Mueller Report or his testimony before Congress was just politics is like telling the victim of a drive by shooting that it’s just a couple of bullet holes.

Hurricanes are just wind, but that doesn’t make them any less destructive.

Most importantly, calling the Mueller hearings just politics diminishes their importance and undermines the investigators.

Donald Trump would call that mission accomplished.

Yes, Washington is a highly charged, political arena. So is Illinois and so is Winnetka.  Whether national, state or local, though, we don’t close our eyes to evil, even if it is just politics.

Ask Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Jackson, Jr, Rod Blagojevich and at least three other former Illinois governors where just politics got them.

Brad Schneider calling me for a donation is just politics.   Donald Trump calling Baltimore a rat infested hellhole is anything BUT just politics.

Especially when his son-in-law, Jared Kushner owns thousands of those rat infested hellholes.

The strength of our democracy is that we hold our leaders accountable.  When we stop doing that, we turn into a nation of cowering citizenry, like Russia or North Korea.

Mitch McConnell, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes and all their GOP colleagues are not only guilty of dereliction of duty, they routinely violate the oath they took and fail in the most basic of all responsibilities as American citizens.

Danine raised an interesting point, probably unintended.  She said that money spent on the Mueller investigation should have been been spent on our country.

What she doesn’t understand is that money spent on the Mueller investigation WAS spent on our country. It was our response to AN ATTACK BY A FOREIGN, HOSTILE NATION.


In pursuit of truth, Mr. Mueller and his team uncovered a massive Russian endeavor to upend American democracy and drive wedges between America and her allies.

The fact that Donald Trump and his entire organization was at the center of that massive endeavor should unnerve every American.

Besides all that, it’s beyond preposterous for anyone who doesn’t know anything about politics or how government should work to call the Mueller Report just politics.

During the Passover meal, Jews discuss their exodus from Egypt and talk about the wicked son, who asks, What does all this mean to YOU?

In phrasing his question this way, the wicked son excludes himself from the rest of the family, implying that the story of the Jews has no meaning to him.

Danine should take a lesson from the wicked son.  By dismissing the most consequential investigation in American history as just politics, she is saying that it has no meaning to her.

It’s not just politics, Danine.  None of what you see is anything close to just politics.  Donald Trump and his administration are dismantling America and selling it off piece by piece. 

If this doesn’t affect you, it will affect your children and their children.

Just because you didn’t see it on Fox “News,” doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

You can still read my piece from last week entitled, Six big takeaways from Robert Mueller’s testimony 

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