Trumpsters dig in as the swamp runneth over

Trumpsters dig in as the swamp runneth over

Just about everything Trump is ridiculous and not in a funny way.  He speaks like a child, demands apologies after insulting people and his lack of historic reference is spellbinding.

Revolutionary soldiers taking airports?

Trump ran on a promise to “drain the swamp,” but instead has turned Washington into a toxic mix of nepotism, cronyism, sweetheart deals, criminal enterprise, payola and fraud.

Somehow, this is all OK with Trumpsters.  Somehow, this qualifies as “promises kept.”

They go wild when Trump says that he’s kept more promises than he made.  I don’t even know what that means.

In her ambiguous role as Adviser to the President, Ivanka Trump has visited eight countries that coincidentally happen to recognize her trademarks; Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy Poland, Germany, India, Japan and South Korea.

This, too, is ridiculous and not in a funny way.

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner is also on a world junket to promote his brand.  His relationship with a Saudi prince who ordered the murder of a Washington Post journalist is highly suspect, to say the least.

Imagine if Kushner was Barack Obama’s son-in-law.

Trump has a little hotel just down the street from the White House.  It stands in the federal Old Post Office Pavilion.

Since 2013, Trump has leased the Old Post Office Pavilion from the federal government.  Now he’s actually leasing the property from himself.

You can’t make this stuff up.

In August of 2018, the General Services Administration (the government agency in charge of such things) granted Trump a $545,000 rental credit for upkeep of the clock tower in the Trump hotel.

While that may all be above board (or not), there’s no way that the President of the United States should be leasing himself federal property.

If our laws still meant anything, that lease would have been ended and/or ownership of the hotel sold to an unrelated party.

Companies and countries looking to curry favor with Donald Trump find entree through the front door of Trump Washington, DC.

Representatives of 22 foreign nations have spent money at the Trump hotel.  That is the very definition of an Emoluments Clause violation.

T-Mobile spent TWO HUNDRED GRAND in the Trump hotel last year while its $26 Billion merger with Sprint was being considered…by Trump.

Never in America’s history has our government been open for business the way it is today. Everyone and everything is for sale.

The swamp is now an ocean. Mexico has the Sea of Cortez, we have the Sea of Corruption.

Trumpsters not only believed that Don the Con was going to drain the swamp, they now believe that he has actually accomplished that daunting feat.

Promise kept? Nothing could be further from the truth.

There’s so much talk about the Trump crime family, we sometimes overlook another of Washington’s highly successful crime families.

Mitch McConnell wields his power as Senate Majority Leader both to keep his job and to line his pockets. Some of McConnell’s treachery has been covered in previous posts and there will be more.

McConnell’s wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao may be the real crook in the family.

Who could foresee that appointing a woman whose family is in the transportation business as Secretary of Transportation would present a conflict of interest?

And then there’s the billionaires brought in from Goldman Sachs to drain the swamp.  It remains unclear how that was supposed to work.

Each and every cabinet appointee has been uniquely unqualified for the position and demonstrably corrupt.

From Michael Flynn to Scott Pruitt to the most recent departure of Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, Trump has filled his administration with criminals and incompetents.

In Trump World, small time crooks can keep their heads down and stay under the radar.  It takes a serious criminal to make a name for himself in the Sea of Corruption.

Promises kept? Swamp drained? Seriously?

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