Is "Love it or leave it" the same as "Go back"?

Is "Love it or leave it" the same as "Go back"?

The short answer is No, they are very different.  It’s like comparing a pep rally before the big homecoming game to Kristallnacht.

Things got a little rough back there in the ’60’s and ’70’s, you can google it.  On one side we had “Hell no, we won’t go, Draft beer, not students” and even a “Cops eat shit” here and there.

On the other side we had “America; Love it or leave it, My country, right or wrong” and a few “Hanoi Jane lied, people died” buttons.

50 years and several apologies later, plenty of folks still hate “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, but somehow find it in their hearts to love a guy (Donald Trump) who trashes one of the greatest heroes to come out of Vietnam (John McCain).

1968 saw the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and a major dust up between war protesters and police.

In 1970, 29 Ohio National Guardsmen fired 67 rounds of assault rifle ammunition into a crowd of unarmed Kent State students, killing four and injuring nine.

For the record, of the four students killed, two were walking to their next class.  One of the students injured was a pro-war member of the campus ROTC program.

None of the four killed were closer than a football field away from the Guardsmen.

Among the injured, Dean R. Kahler was shot in the back and paralyzed for life from the chest down . ALL thirteen shot were students in good standing.

That was the 60’s and 70’s. The music was great and police brutality seemed to make women horny. That’s just an observation.

Generally speaking, it was a generational thing and mine was the poster family for it.  My dad believed in the domino theory, which projected that if Vietnam fell, Communists would next invade Coney Island.

I thought it was a bad idea to take France’s place in an unwinnable war where our only objective was to force feed American democracy to rice farmers who measured success by their ability to eat.

Everything about the Vietnam (Conflict) was wrong.  If you want more detail, please feel free to email me.

I assure you, though, that my dad wouldn’t have bought me bone spurs, even if he could have afforded it.

Besides the bone spurs, Donald Trump had a reasonable excuse for not serving, which he recently explained to Piers Morgan:

Well, I was never a fan of that war I’ll be honest with you. I thought it was a terrible war, I thought it was very far away.

The thing is, when my dad told me to “leave it,” he didn’t really want me to go.  He was just trying to impart to me his version of patriotism.

Nowadays, when people say “go back,” they really mean it.

It’s bad enough when they say it to immigrants (which we are ALL), but they sometimes say it to American citizens who were born right here in the USA.

Today, if you criticize the President or his policies, you are not only deemed un-American, but NOT American.

Major aberrations come at us so fast these days that they tend to get lost in the noise. It’s like trying to find a snowflake in a blizzard.

Paying attention to what should be business as usual in Washington can be exhausting, but it’s a task that will have existential consequences for generations to come.

Business in Washington is anything BUT usual Four cabinet positions are filled by former lobbyists.

A one-time partner of Michael Flynn, who was part of Trump’s transition team and advised him on security issues was just convicted of being a foreign agent.

Any one of these things should be enough to make a thinking person quiver, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Our government is being sold off, piece by piece and America turned into an unwelcoming dictatorship.

Telling non-white people to “go back” is Trump’s clarion to white folks.  He’d like nothing better than a war that ends with him as the military ruler, like a Muammar Gaddafi or a Saddam Hussein.

Maybe even a Vladimir Putin or a Kim Jong-un.

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