"Attorney General" William Barr is the new Michael Cohen

"Attorney General" William Barr is the new Michael Cohen

Note: “Attorney General” appears in quotation marks in the above title because it is a nominal position for Mr. Barr.  He is no more the Attorney General of the United States than I am the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s fixer.  That is an undeniable fact, no matter how many times Trump says that he barely knew Cohen.

Cohen traveled with Trump during the 2016 campaign and often introduced him, showering Trump with praise and accolades befitting a much better man.

Cohen represented Trump in real estate deals around the world, including the tower that Trump was planning to build in Moscow.  A deal still on the table into the Trump presidency.

When Trump needed to silence a couple of sex partners to prevent them from upending his campaign apple cart, he sent Cohen with a bag full of money.

First, there was porn star, Stormy Daniels, who describes her relationship with Trump as, “the worst 90 seconds of my life.”

Then there was former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, who apologized to Melania for having had an affair with Melania’s serial philandering husband, Donald.

Paying off sex partners wasn’t Cohen’s only duty. He was also somewhat of an enforcer, a hired gun of sorts.

In his testimony before Congress, Cohen admitted to having threatened at least 500 people on Trump’s behalf, in efforts to quash suits and intimidate accusers into silence.

Author and journalist, Michael D’Antonio tells the story of being on the receiving end of Cohen’s threats HERE.

Now that Cohen has gone to jail to contemplate his sins, Trump has found a new fixer, the “great” William Barr.

You’ll notice that “great” is another word that appears in quotation marks in front of Barr’s name. I’ll leave it to the reader to determine the many levels of irony in calling Barr “great.”

Trump was unhappy with his first Attorney General from the get. In a brazen display of disloyalty, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions obeyed the law and recused himself from the Russia investigation.

Trump decried Session’s deference to the law and asked, “Where is my Roy Cohn?”

Cohn was a disbarred lawyer and Trump’s mentor, the one who taught him to constantly attack without regard for the truth or the law.

Cohn was also behind the McCarthy hearings in 1954, where hundreds of Americans were “blackballed” and lost jobs because of McCarthy’s baseless claims that they were Communists or otherwise un-American.

The title to this piece could alternatively be, “Attorney General” William Barr is the new Roy Cohn.   Did Trump deliberately avoid picking another fixer named Cohn (or Cohen)?


Barr auditioned for the job of Attorney General by writing a 19-page love letter to Trump explaining how he would protect him (Trump) from the Russia investigation.

Barr lied in his confirmation hearings and then, a month later he lied about the substance of the Mueller Report in a 3-1/2 page whitewash of the report.

In Barr, Trump found his Roy Cohn, his Michael Cohen, his new fixer. He found someone who would look into the TV cameras and lie to protect Donald J. Trump.

He found someone who would disregard the law and the Constitution to protect Donald J. Trump.  In Barr, Trump found a coconspirator who is, as yet, unindicted.

For more on Barr you can read, William Barr is a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath; The Mueller Report

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