Trump's ratings are at an all time high and he is the underdog: Interesting responses

Trump's ratings are at an all time high and he is the underdog:  Interesting responses

Some interesting responses appeared in my inbox after I posted a blog entitled, Trump’s ratings are at an all time high and yet, he is the underdog. Go figure! 

Insults and death wishes don’t bother me (much), but I had a hard time wrapping my head around the barrage of misinformation assaulting me.

Then, while watching a Justin Amash (R-MI) town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I saw an interview of Ms. Cathy Granaat.

Ms. Granaat is a Fox “News” viewer and fan of Sean Hannity.  With that in mind, it’s no surprise that she was unaware of the Mueller Report revealing any wrongdoing committed by the President.

She was completely unaware of three incontrovertible facts:

  1.  Russia went to a great deal of trouble and expense to help Donald Trump get elected.
  2. Trump accepted Russia’s help with open arms.
  3. Trump was obsessed with ending the investigation into Russia’s criminal interference.

Fox “News.” The enemy of truth. The enemy of democracy. The real enemy of the people.

Fox has redefined information to exclude anything that interferes with their mission of convincing hard working people that those less fortunate than them are the source of all their problems and that anyone with differing viewpoints (like Democrats) are un-American.

The enemy.

Fox viewers shun anything that doesn’t conform to their preconceived notions.  They maintain a very narrow perspective comprised mostly of slogans, bumper stickers and jingoism.

It’s easy to become complacent about processing new information, we all do it.

It’s ironic that we do this while the most information rich and accessible resource in human history is at our fingertips, but complacency is one of the traits that makes us human.

It’s true that Trump is at or near the height of his approval, but he’s still underwater. The real question is how a guy sitting on a seemingly great economy is polling so badly. Could it be something about the man, himself?

The guy lives in the White House, flies on Air Force One, has a gold plated mansion looking down on New York City, a palatial home in Florida, golf clubs all over the world and his own Boeing 757.

Besides all that, the U.S. Senate has forfeited its constitutional powers in favor of Trump’s whimsical inanity. None of that describes an underdog.

Trumpsters walk among us and yet, they’re living in a parallel universe. One in which the most powerful man in the world is an underdog.

The man has them convinced that he is both superhero and victim.

It would be interesting to see how many Trumpsters could pass the civics test that Stephen Miller has included in his new immigration plan.

Do Trumpsters realize that a tariff on goods coming out of China is paid by Americans? That it’s actually a tax added before they even buy those products?

Do they realize that taxing Americans for stuff coming from China and then giving that money to farmers who are losing their land because of the tariffs is outright socialism?

Most of these folks – and I’m sure some of them are very fine people – get all their information from Trump’s tweets and/or Fox “News.”

I’d bet that less than 10% of Fox viewers have read even one word of the Mueller Report, relying instead on Sean Hannity to tell them everything that Rupert Murdoch wants them to know.

Hannity, the man who has the nerve to accuse Nancy Pelosi of creating a banana republic here, when Donald Trump incessantly threatened Hillary Clinton with jail and ran on a platform of “Lock her up.”

Trump may very well win reelection.  That would be unfortunate, because the swamp is already overflowing its shores.

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