Excerpt from my letter to Robert S. Mueller III

Excerpt from my letter to Robert S. Mueller III

Dear Bob,

We asked for clarity, but all we got was ambiguity and a situation like the great blues player, Muddy Waters.

Clearly, there were millions of folks out here hoping that you were going to finish up by handing Trump a GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL card.

I admit that such a scenario crept into my own dreams a time or two.

Donald Trump is a horrible man and I think I could make that case to anyone willing to put the kibosh on regurgitated Hannity mendacity and check into Hotel Reality for a bit.

I could’ve found solace, though, in a report that completely exonerated Trump.  After all, he’s the face of America and it would be nice to know that the symbol of our nation is not a two-bit criminal.

The vagueness of saying that you couldn’t exonerate Trump made for fertile ground in which to plant seeds of confusion.

You served this nation well and for that I thank you.  Until this latest blip, you have been a shining example of everything good in America.

I wrote a piece entitled, Why did Robert Mueller fail to protect America from William Barr?, which you may have missed.  Whether or not you followed the letter of the law is debatable, but you failed in what James Comey calls A Higher Loyalty.

What happened to your oath to defend your country against all enemies, foreign and domestic?  What happened to your responsibility to the American people?  Do you not think we’re entitled to know the truth about our president?

Whether you knew it or not, you gave William Barr, who has proven to be a world class, partisan liar, a giant head start in setting the narrative for your yet-to-be released report.

Which brings us to Cathy Granaat.

Ms. Granaat is a Conservative Christian who lives in Michigan and supports both her representative, Justin Amash and her president, Donald Trump. She seems quite lucid and engaged in our political process.

When Ms. Granaat heard that Rep. Amish was pushing for impeachment, she was outraged and got herself down to Grand Rapids Christian High School to see what he had to say for himself.

Ms. Granaat is a Fox “News” viewer and a fan of Sean Hannity.  Needless to say, she was unaware of the FACT that Volume I of your report revealed over 150 points of contact between Russian operatives and the Trump organization.

Neither did she know anything about the eleven carefully detailed incidents of obstruction in Volume II.

Now, Bob, you said that your report speaks for itself.  How is that doing any good for America when no one’s listening? They’re certainly not reading.

America deserves answers, Bob. We waited for them and we paid for them.

In your remarks last week, you said that indicting a sitting president for federal crimes is unconstitutional.  I’m no constitutional scholar, but apparently, you aren’t either.


While Section 4 of Article II says, The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors, that in no way shields a president from criminal proceedings in federal court.

That 1973 DOJ memo that suggests that a president can not be indicted is based on the idea that indictment would interfere with the President’s unique official duties, most of which cannot be performed by anyone else.

Impeachment would be just as distracting as indictment and Trump’s “duties” can be performed by the White House chef.

How hard is it to watch cable news and tweet?  If Trump died in his sleep, it could be 3 or 4 days before anyone noticed.

As for this fairness thing, Bob, that’s just plain silly.   You think calling out a criminal’s crimes wouldn’t be fair to a guy who’s been assaulting American democracy for years, accusing you and your crew of everything from spying to treason?

Is it fair for Sean Hannity to mislead millions of Americans?  Is it fair for one man to abuse the power of the presidency and scoff at our laws?

Seriously, Marine?  Fairness?

Your friend,


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