Is Nancy Pelosi undermining the rule of law and setting the table for a President Ivanka?

Is Nancy Pelosi undermining the rule of law and setting the table for a President Ivanka?

I was once a proud Democrat and greatly admired Nancy Pelosi.  I’m still a Democrat, but the sheen has tarnished and Speaker Pelosi often leaves me gritting my teeth.

No one on Law & Order ever said, “We’ve got a ton of evidence that this guy killed his wife, but we’ve got to be methodical.”

Is Trump being methodical when he accuses everyone from Robert Mueller to the New York Times of treason?  Is it methodical to call Nancy Pelosi a nervous wreck?

With a mountain of evidence in front of her, Nancy keeps mumbling non sequiturs about an iron clad case.  Does she expect Trump to drop an indictment in her lap?

Donald Trump is a lot of things, more than I can even document in this space. He’s a LIAR. He’s a FRAUD. He’s CRIMINAL, a TRAITOR, a TAX CHEAT and a CON MAN, to name a few.

Did I mention LIAR?

Trump may not know anything about history, government or economics, but he is beating Nancy Pelosi at her own game.

Like the Chinese, whose president-for-life he hopes to emulate, Donald Trump, despite his transactional tendencies, plays the long game.

As a guest at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, Trump was soundly roasted by President Barack Obama.  See it HERE.

Trump got mad, but he also got even.  Five years later he was a president focused on dismantling everything President Obama accomplished, especially his signature namesake, Obamacare.

In January of this year, Speaker Pelosi prevented Trump from delivering the State of the Union address until he reopened the government.

Trump waved the white flag then, but now he’s playing her like the King (B.B.) playing Lucille.

Pelosi is trying to show restraint, which may be admirable in normal times, but these are NOT normal times.

The Speaker may feel that impeachment hearings would take focus away from a more positive Democratic agenda. Unfortunately, the debate over impeachment is already doing that and it’s making the Dems look weak, indecisive and ineffective.

They’re already holding hearings, mostly without success, why not hold some that will have teeth?

Pelosi is resting on a political calculation that impeachment hearings will hurt the Dems in 2020. The problem is that by Pelosi’s obsolete, political playbook, Donald Trump would not have gotten elected in 2016.

Robert Mueller rested on an absurd DOJ opinion that the president shouldn’t be indicted because he’s too busy.  Well, nobody’s reading Mueller’s report and Trump is so busy that he’s going to live tweet the Democratic debates next week.

The people have to know, Nancy.

At a rally in Orlando today, one Trump supporter said that he is the first president not to lie. Let that sink in for a while.

Another Trumpster said that she hopes he gets reelected in 2020 and that his son runs in 2024.

Nobody knows what will happen once impeachment hearings get underway. Will Dems be vilified for it?  Possibly.

It’s also possible that enough of Trump’s criminality will come to light that independent voters will reject him come 2020.

Only actual impeachment hearings will give the House power to bring in the witnesses and get the documents they are now requesting without success.

Oversight also happens to be the House’s constitutional duty, something that has long been overlooked.

Every Republican (except Justin Amash) takes every opportunity to broadcast, “No collusion, no obstruction,” even the ones who know it’s a lie.  Where are the Dem talking points?

How about, “Tariffs? You mean Trump’s taxes!”

At this point Speaker Pelosi, you may not just lose the election, you may lose my vote.  I’m tired of being on the losing side.

If you don’t hold impeachment hearings now, the Trumps may never be held accountable.   Worse, you may be paving the way for the future President Ivanka.

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