The Confederate flag is racist, Black History Month is not

The Confederate flag is racist, Black History Month is not

If you find the message in the above featured image offensive, you are not alone. In fact, I’m flabbergasted that this is a commonly held belief.

Even if it’s not a commonly held belief, it is certainly a commonly repeated fabrication.

The logic of the whole reverse racism thing is almost enough to make me want to delete all the country music from my iTunes library.

Standard operating procedure of all liars, racists, bigots and right wing a-holes seems to be an incomprehensible comparison between two things that could not be more different.

Their strategy is a combination of false equivalencies and whataboutism.

The Confederate flag symbolizes a collective economy based on white people owning black people. It’s difficult to see how anyone could make the case that slavery is the same as any racial or ethnic group celebrating their heritage.

For the record, February is Black History Month. May is Jewish-American Heritage month, March is Irish-American month and October is celebrated for both Italian Heritage and German-American Heritage.

Everybody’s got a month to celebrate their history. April is Eastern European Month. Where’s the racism in that?

As early as 1513, Africans were ripped from their homelands and transported across the ocean in cargo holds to be sold as human farm tools and sex slaves.

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery in 1865, almost a century after the writing of our Constitution. And while they may have been emancipated, the Civil War left black people in a most untenable situation.

They had no transportable skills, no familial support, no possessions, minimal education and were immediately identifiable as property, not people.

If the former slaves hated their former owners, it was not without cause.

There was no place in American society for a massive release of just-freed, black slaves. There still isn’t.

America can point with pride to Barack Obama, our first black president. One out of forty-four, however, does not translate to a post-racial culture.

President Obama, through no fault of his own, kick started a backlash that brought simmering bigotry to a full boil. White America fumed at the idea of a black man in the White House.

If only Mitt Romney knew that he could have secured a victory in his 2012 presidential run with just a subtle nod to the hate mongers.

It’s possible that by 2012 it was already too late for Romney.  By that time, white supremacy was tuning in to Donald Trump’s movement of birtherism, started in 2010.

The point is, it’s natural for those who feel oppressed to resent, or even hate their oppressors.  Are Jews racist for hating Nazis and their descendants?

Maybe even a little resentment for anyone with a German accent?

No one can argue that black America sits at or below the bottom rung of the ladder to the American dream. Hating those who grease the rungs above them doesn’t make black people racists, it makes them human.

In the same way, Blue Lives Matter is a false equivalency to Black Lives Matter.  Since this piece is teetering on my self-imposed, 500-word  limit, we’ll discuss that next week.

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