Trump's ratings are at an all time high and yet, he is the underdog. Go figure!

Trump's ratings are at an all time high and yet, he is the underdog.  Go figure!

Vanity Fair’s recent article, “Donald Trump May Be One of the Biggest Losers in America” drew the following comment from Trump supporter, Lily C. of Naperville, IL:

“And Trump’s ratings are at an all time high… Boy oh boy how Americans love the underdog, so keep on going after the President and he’ll win 2020 in a landslide!”

I accept that I may not be smart enough to make sense of that comment, but I can’t.  Is it our duty to elect someone qualified to be the Commander in Chief or are we renewing a TV show?

One might wonder if Ms. C. read one word of the article or is just a knee-jerk jerk defender.

Trumpsters are clearly fact resistant, which may be due to self imposed restrictions on absorbing new information.

Presidential approval ratings come out all the time, but when Trump talks about ratings, he’s talking about TV ratings.

Earlier this month, at a rally in Lake Charles, LA, Trump bragged that election day, 2016 had the “highest ratings ever.”  He alleged that “everyone was watching,” which may be true, given that elections are on every network in America.

Trump has told his staff to frame their jobs as if they were producing a TV reality show and every day was a new episode.

It’s not surprising that Ms. C. cites his ratings as if that were important.  Trump followers tend to parrot his words.

You can click HERE to see actual polling, if you are so inclined.

It’s a pretty sure bet that if you found Ms. C.’s Facebook page, there would be sophomoric gushes about Donnie Drumpf, her “prom date.”

Maybe she’s just enthralled by the idea that he might someday grab her pussy, as he has said he could do because of his celebrity.

And, boy oh boy, Donald Trump managed to convince these folks that he’s the smartest, richest, most loved guy around AND the underdog.  Doesn’t his self-description define the opposite of the word?

When Trump said that he could shoot people on 5th Avenue and not lose any votes, he was showcasing something unprecedented and completely inexplicable.

For reasons that will studied for generations, Trump has an uncanny ability to convince people that he is not what they see, but what he tells them he is.

He has said as much, in his own words.  He openly tells people not to believe what they see and hear.  “That’s not what’s happening,” he says.

He’s the fake Republican Obi Wan Kenobi.  “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

Evangelists accept him as their savior, even though he stumbles trying to name biblical passages and he may be the most morally corrupt man alive.

Trumpsters say they love his policies, but they can’t name any.

Certainly America seems prosperous, but we came out of a DEEP, DEEP recession and the stock market tripled during the Obama administration.  How come they weren’t cheering then?

Kim Jong-un is still launching rockets and enriching uranium.  Vladimir Putin attacked our democracy in 2016 & 2018 and he will do it again in 2020.

Volume I of the Mueller Report (PLEASE read Mueller’s 9 minute statement HERE) details over 150 contacts between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign.

Volume II details at least TEN specific instances where Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

FACT:  Any attempt at obstruction is a CRIME, even if it’s unsuccessful.  EVEN IF THERE IS NO UNDERLYING CRIME, of which there are plenty.

But as long as Trump tweets and Hannity squeaks, the Trumpsters are swallowing lies like they’re red velvet bundt cakes with vanilla frosting.

Trump is no underdog.  He is a clever and canny fraud who can convince people that he is exactly what they are looking for.

They may come to realize that he is not.  Hopefully, America won’t look like North Korea when they do.

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