Robert Mueller needs to open a Twitter account NOW!!!

Robert Mueller needs to open a Twitter account NOW!!!

It’s not surprising that Robert Mueller doesn’t have a Twitter account. He likes to present himself as the strong, silent type.

Somewhere between Cool Hand Luke and Walker, Texas Ranger.

Sadly, the time for that shit is over. The Mueller Report is out (albeit redacted) and it’s in the public domain, more or less.

Unfortunately, most people won’t read it.

I’ve read almost 200 pages of the Mueller Report, so far.

While a lot of it is stuff we’ve heard about over the past couple of years, the amount and pervasiveness of contact between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign is an eye opener.

As is the lengths to which Trump went, unabashedly to quash the investigation.


Mitch McConnell saying, “Case closed” highlights the depth of his corruption and his complicity.

Volume I of the report details almost 150 instances of interaction between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign, the very definition of collusion.

In the report, Mueller makes clear that he would discount the concept of collusion in favor of the more strict framework of conspiracy that could proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt.

The report also says that Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was “SWEEPING AND SYSTEMATIC.”

Volume II details at least TEN instances of CRIMINAL obstruction of justice perpetrated by Donald Trump

Mueller says that he is unable to exonerate Trump of those deeds, but he declined to indict him because the DOJ prohibits indictment of a sitting president.

William Barr quickly abandoned his oath of office, choosing instead to enforce the rule of Trump over the rule of law.

Barr presented a summary to Congress, but it was all lies.  He chanted the Trump mantra of “no collusion” like it means something and Republicans on the Hill sang along.

Barr’s press conference before releasing the full (redacted)  report was shameful, if not criminal.  You can read about that in William Barr is a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath; The Mueller Report.

Donald Trump has nothing to say and he says it all day long to his 60 MILLION Twitter followers. Some of us, however, are thirsty for a drink of reality, a source of legitimate information.

One man who can quench that thirst is Robert Mueller.

Please call or write to Mr. Mueller and ask him to open up a dialog with America:

Department of Justice: 202-514-2000 OR

Robert Mueller
c/o DOJ
950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20530

In the mean time, you can read last week’s piece entitled, Why did Robert Mueller fail to protect America from William Barr?

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