William Barr is a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath; Addendum

William Barr is a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath; Addendum

In an effort to keep my posts down to about 500 words, arbitrary cuts must be made.  I usually stop writing after about 700-900 words, and then the cuts begin.

Last week I posted a piece entitled Is Robert Mueller the worst investigator on Earth or is William Barr a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath?  

A couple of readers asked why I had left out this or glossed over that and I replied to them with the above explanation; arbitrary cuts.

There’s a lot about William Barr that disqualifies him from his current position, but his lack of qualification makes him a perfect fit in this administration.

There were a couple of things mentioned by readers that had been cut, and each one was a story in itself.  While they help flesh out the story of William Barr, they also raise more questions than they answer.

One of those things involves a man named Tyler McGaughey, William Barr’s son-in-law.  Mr. McGaughey is now working for Donald Trump.

It’s not clear what Mr. McGaughey’s job entails, but I believe that it involves the Russia investigation and limiting it’s release to the public.

Barr’s daughter, Mary Daly is also a senior Justice Department official.

In his testimony before Congress, Barr said that he would present as much of the Mueller report as legally possible.  If his 3-1/2 page summary of Mueller’s 400-page report is any indication of Barr’s intent, he was clearly lying to Congress.

It’s worth mentioning here that each section of the Mueller report was already summarized by Mueller’s team, all of whom spent significantly more time with the report than did Barr over the weekend during which he wrote his little white wash.

Mueller’s team wrote those summaries mindful of what would be appropriate to release to the public, so any redactions made by Barr would only be for the purpose of hiding material that would be substantially harmful to Donald Trump.

Barr also told Congress that it would be his intention to protect Americans from discrimination against preexisting conditions.  He said that the Affordable Care Act was the law of the land and that he would defend it.

Well, Mr. Barr, how is that you are now suing to have the entire Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional?  How is it that you are now OK with 20 million Americans being suddenly deprived of health insurance?

Remember that if the ACA is struck down now, Trump has already said that health care won’t be taken up again until 2021, AFTER the 2020 election.

The first question we must ask ourselves is this:  Was Barr lying to Congress when he said that he would defend the Affordable Care Act or has he succumbed to pressure from Trump?

The second, and possibly most important question is this:  Does it really matter if Barr is a flat out liar or just another corrupt Trump toady?

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