Is Robert Mueller the worst investigator on Earth or is William Barr a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath?

Is Robert Mueller the worst investigator on Earth or is William Barr a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath?

If you’re in a hurry and want to cut to the chase, I’d go with option B: The United States Attorney General is a flat out liar and a traitor to his oath.

Robert Mueller is the kind of character upon which Marvel Comics could base a superhero. He’s larger than life, always going above and beyond, rock solid and beyond reproach.

From the time Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate Russia’s attack on America’s elections, Donald Trump and his Republican toadies tried to portray him as conflicted, part of some democratic, deep state cabal to take down the administration.

To use a word that Donnie Drumpf used last week at a rally in Grand Rapids, MI, that is complete and total bullshit.

The real question is why the president of the United States would do anything (like obstruction of justice) to thwart an investigation into an attack on America.  Did George Bush try to interfere with the investigation into the attack on the Twin Towers?

Robert Mueller is a registered Republican, always has been, although he may not currently be a very proud member of that party.

Mueller is smart, didn’t need Fred Trump’s money to get into Princeton and he didn’t phony up a medical deferment to avoid military service.  Mueller may have had bone spurs (who doesn’t?), but he served honorably and courageously in Vietnam, earning a Bronze Star in the process.

Mueller went on to serve this country under both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. His reputation and his conduct have always been of the utmost integrity.

William Barr seemed to have had a pretty good reputation, but he always left the impression that something was left unsaid, or casually misstated.

He was also instrumental in protecting presidents in both the Iran-Contra affair and Iraq-gate.  Apparently, that’s his thing.

Having spent the last few years in private practice, Barr injected himself into the Russia probe by submitting an unsolicited opinion to Trump’s legal team explaining how he would go about shielding Trump from obstruction charges.

Barr’s essay comprised the perfect job application and, lo and behold, he got the job.

The purpose of the special counsel is to allow an investigation free of political influence. For a political appointee, like Barr to superimpose his own preconceived opinions onto the investigation is, at the very least pompous. It may even rise to the level of criminal.

In taking his oath of office, the first words Barr uttered after stating his name (he got that part correct) were “support and defend the Constitution.”

Apparently Barr somehow interprets that to mean support and defend Donald Trump. If you want to read Barr’s condescending and meaningless 4 page summary, click HERE.

In his letter, Barr asserts that Mueller drew no criminal conclusions because he wanted to leave that up to the Attorney General (Barr). This is false on its face.

Mueller drew no criminal conclusions because DOJ guidelines prohibit indictment of a sitting president. The report was meant to allow Congress to assess the information for themselves to determine whether or not anything rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

In a follow up letter, Barr said that he did not “purport” to summarize the Mueller report when, in fact that is exactly what he did.

Why is it that honorable men who enter the Trump orbit can not help but sully themselves?

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