You can leave a mess on your table and walk away guilt free

You can leave a mess on your table and walk away guilt free

Busing tables is not one of the pressing issues of the 21st Century.  It should not appear on the same page or even in the same book with climate change.

It is, however, a timely distraction from events that are becoming all too distracting.

We’re mostly talking about chain restaurants and “luxury” fast food joints here, such as the kind found in resort areas and on ski hills.

We’re not talking about your local diner, where you walk in, find the owner cleaning tables and he greets you by name. Then he starts preparing your food before you even order.

In that type of place, you can be proud to pitch in and help.

McDonald’s (aka Mickey D’s), though, is not one of the places where you should feel compelled to clean. There are a number of reasons why and I’m going to offer you a couple.

You may, from time to time, be challenged to bus your table.  These situations need to be considered on an individual basis.

If there’s a mom, struggling with three toddlers waiting for your table, you might be inclined to make mom’s job a little easier and leave her with a (relatively) clean table.

Of course, if she’s wearing a MAGA hat, all bets are off.

Most, if not all fast food or serve yourself restaurants employ people to clear the tables once they have been vacated by customers.  If you take it upon yourself to clean up, you are putting these folks’ jobs in jeopardy.

Destroying jobs is un-American.

Then there’s the compensation issue.  At the forefront of American politics is equal pay for equal work. The days of women having to work twice as hard for half the pay should be a thing of the past.

Sadly, they aren’t, but that’s another discussion.

No one wants to work for free, though.  When you go into Taco Bell for a Burrito Supreme, you’re there for lunch, not a second job.  Why should you clean up their restaurant for free?

If fast food restaurants and diners want their patrons to clean up, they should incentivize them to do so. How about a 20% discount on your meal if you bus your table?

When I was a kid we used to get two cents for every pop bottle we brought back to the store, five cents for the big ones.

I know a place where the chili is THIRTEEN BUCKS.  You can’t possibly expect a guy to pay $13.00 for a bowl of beans AND clean the restaurant.

Speaking of chili, a guy called Chili once posted his own tirade on my FB page because I minimized the significance of littering.  He made it seem like my behavior was an offense to God.

Personally, I was not convinced that God would be offended by my Twix wrapper, but really happy to see the landscape ripped up by parking lots, strip malls and condominiums.

I’m pretty sure She’s not interested in the condition in which I leave my table at Portillo’s, either.

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