In what fantasy does Andrew Lelling think that fairness has a place in America?

In what fantasy does Andrew Lelling think that fairness has a place in America?

Every parent has at one time or been forced to deal with a child’s protest of “That’s not fair.”   The go-to response is usually, “Life’s not fair, get over it.”

Of all the sayings, cliches and adages we heard from our parents and repeated to our kids, that one rings as true as the Liberty Bell.

This place wasn’t fair from the get.  Our Founding Fathers intended for only rich, white, male land owners to vote in presidential elections.

Women didn’t get the right to vote until 1920, blacks not until 1965, and those rights were paid for in blood.

Nowadays, we have gerrymandering, voter suppression and the electoral college to ensure that rich, white men continue to rule the land.  We are locked into a system that allows the minority to rule the majority.

If life was fair, Merrick Garland would be sitting on the Supreme Court, not some beer guzzling rapist.

Don’t get me wrong, superimposing your kid’s face onto a guy with a lacrosse stick to get him into college is wrong.  There’s nothing honorable or excusable about it.

Let’s just keep our moral outrage in check.

Fred Drumpf bought little Donnie Dumbbell a U. Penn diploma and bone spurs. Was that fair to the 58,000 who died in Vietnam?

Wealth has always enjoyed privilege, whether it’s admittance to a restricted prep school with Bart and Squee, rock star parking at a hot new night spot or court side seats at a Bulls game (Lakers, for you Left Coasties).

Nobody ever gets my joke, “Why don’t ugly girls like rich guys?”  If you’re still thinking about it, I’ll let you in on a little known secret; rich guys get the babes.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, that’s just the way it is.

Trump’s miscreant offspring have a sense of entitlement on par with Marie-Antoinette, who infamously quipped, “Let them eat cake.”

That royal faux pas cost the lady her head, which begs the question, Why did we ever do away with the guillotine?

The way U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling went on about his investigation and sting operation and protecting America, you’d have thought he took down Osama bin Laden, not some desperate housewife, something Lelling may well have waiting for him at his own house.

Perhaps Lelling is still stewing over having to go to a state school for undergrad. That, my friends is college snobbery at its worst.

In any case, Lelling didn’t end the opioid crises, solve climate change or cancel Keeping up with the Kardashians.  We can acknowledge his work as important, if not earth shattering.

Lelling did a good job putting the kibosh on some pretty serious crimes.  Cheating to get into college will, however continue to thrive.

Just as Trump’s Mar-a-Lago pal, Yi Lang will continue to enslave Chinese women in massage parlors and Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft will probably continue to frequent them.

Rest assured, though that Yang’s story will have a happy ending. Many, in fact.

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