The view from 30,000 feet may actually be a little closer to the ground

The view from 30,000 feet may actually be a little closer to the ground

Variations of “the view from 30,000 feet” have become a model for our dispassionate review of the news. You hear it on all the talk shows.

It’s supposed to represent some grand over view of the state of our politics.

In reality though, people who offer their “30,000 foot” views tend to be doing it from a second story window, just about twenty feet off the ground.

The big picture isn’t just a corrupt, traitorous president and complicit, enabling Republicans. It isn’t the Russia probe, socialism, the three B’s (Bernie, Beto, Biden), John McCain or any of the myriad issues of incessant palaver.

To get the 30,000 foot view, you really have to get up there and join the 5-mile high club.

Imagine a google map with a plus (+) and a minus (-), where you can zoom in to see individual streets and zoom out to see the entirety of America, North & South.

At about 35,000 feet you can see the curvature of the Earth, which should be enough to shut up the flat earth douche bags, but it isn’t.

There’s no cure for stupidity.

At about 2,000 miles the roundness of Earth is clearly visible and viewing images like the “Blue Marble” allow us to contemplate the vastness of space and the smallness of our little planet.

And contemplate it, we must.

There is a movement afoot and it circles our globe. Migration patterns and people fleeing their homelands in search of safety and freedom have caused native citizens to circle their wagons.

Politicians, like Donald Trump have seized on this opportunity and fuel fear and anger with dire warnings of invasions of “others.”

It was painting Barack Obama as someone “other” than us white Americans back in 2010 that kicked off Trump’s run for the White House.

Now we see a guy in New Zealand, part of this worldwide populist movement kill 50 Muslims in a mosque in New Zealand and specifically mention Donald Trump (twice) in his rambling, maniacal manifesto.

Hate is like a weed and it finds a way to spread its tentacles and flourish.

Trump isn’t the problem, but a manifestation of the underlying movement. Like cancer, it attaches to a blood supply and kills off healthy tissue. Make no mistake, this is a disease and Trump is the festering pustule giving it voice.

For my Star Wars fans out there, consider this movement like “the force.” It is a living and breathing thing and draws power from collective ignorance.

Trump draws strength from man’s natural fear of strangers, a fear that propagated millennia of Antisemitism following the Diaspora that turned Jews into strangers in strange lands.

Trump, like demagogues throughout history draws strength by turning citizens inward, fending off imaginary invasions of outsiders coming to steal their jobs, their women, their land or their guns.

We live in a world where violence, famine and oppression have created an unprecedented flow of refugees and immigrants seeking relief from unimaginable conditions.

This only feeds into the hysteria, paranoia and fear that creates malleable masses.

Some would say this is an opportunity for evangelicals and Christians of all denominations to come together for the sake of so many desperate souls.  What could better be described as God’s work?

Or we could build a wall.

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