On Tuesday night Donald Trump channeled Richard Nixon’s 1974 State of the Union address, both men using that platform to try to get Congress to halt investigations into their criminal activity.

Nixon resigned seven months later (August 9, 1974).  There was a stark difference in the messaging of the two men, though.

Nixon’s appeal was more of an “enough’s enough” approach, whereas Trump issued a direct threat to Congress, which most would agree is an egregious abuse of executive power.

Trump doesn’t like it when the government operates the way it should, guided by constitutional directive and in the service of the American people.

For reasons known only to his psychiatrist, Trump doesn’t understand that he is not a king and Congress does not work for him.

He fired Jeff Sessions for doing what was legally required of the Attorney General because he (Trump) thought that Sessions owed his loyalty to him, not to the Constitution or his oath of office.

While the tone of the threat is obvious, its exact meaning is not: “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there can not be war and investigation.”

Clearly, the President of the United States is threatening war if Congress fulfills its constitutional obligation, which is congressional oversight.

The only question is, With whom is he going to go to war? Congress? North Korea? Venezuela?

What Trump calls “presidential harassment,” is in reality called congressional oversight.  It’s actually the sworn duty of Congress.

Trump considers himself above the law and reacts like a cornered animal when his criminality is vulnerable to exposure.

On day one of President Obama’s first term, Mitch McConnell said that it would be the main job of Congress to ensure that he (Obama) was a one term president.  If ever there was a case of presidential harassment, that was it.

Nothing ever had, nor will it ever rise to the level of opposition faced by Barack Obama and his only crime was being black.

Presidential harassment, Mr. Trump?  In the words of your toady, Corey Lewandowski, “Wump, wump, wump.”

We’re not even going to mention the 8 or 9 congressional hearings on Benghazi, throughout which Secretary Clinton never once whined about secretarial harassment.

The congressional inquiries announced yesterday is exactly how our government is supposed to work.  If we want peace and legislation, we can not allow any president to override the powers of Congress.

For two years the 115th Congress, controlled by Republicans was complicit in the crimes and deceptions of Donald Trump.  Their refusal to do their jobs amounts to criminal negligence.

Committees led by traitors like Devin Nunes obstructed legitimate attempts to investigate Russia’s attack on our democracy and conspired with Trump to muddy the waters.

Sham inquiries allowed partisan hacks like Peter King and Richard Burr to go on TV and say that they sat through meetings and witnesses and saw no evidence of collusion.

They never say that witnesses were allowed to hide behind nonexistent privilege.  Don Jr. was given a free pass.  Dubious answers were not pursued, witnesses were neither subpoenaed nor pressed to answer questions.

For two years Republicans pretended to investigate while all the time doing anything but.

Republicans turned a blind eye to a pretend FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted rape of Christine Blasey Ford.


The only person who could have corroborated Ford’s claim was Mark Judge, who was in the room at the time of the incident.

How is it possible that Judge was neither interviewed by the FBI nor called before the hearing committee?

Sorry, Mr. Trump, but the 116th Congress is not going to carry your water, at least not the House of Representatives.

Thanks to you, the 2018 midterms gave us representatives who understand that they are in the service of the Constitution, their constituents and the American people.

Let’s talk again in August.

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