The case of Jussie Smollett shows the importance of questioning the unlikely claims of one man when FACTS prove otherwise

The case of Jussie Smollett shows the importance of questioning the unlikely claims of one man when FACTS prove otherwise

Like most Chicagoans (I hope), I was appalled to hear of the heinous crime perpetrated in my city as recounted by the victim, Jussie Smollet.

My initial reaction was one of anger and disgust with no thought to the possibility that it was also fiction.

Who would make up such a thing and for what reason?

At the time of the “attack” I was out of town and did not consider the specifics of the “crime.” The more I thought about it though, the more questions I had.

How did Smollett’s attackers know he was gay?

Was he coming out of a gay bar?  Was he walking down the street holding hands with another guy?  Did his attackers just happen to have a rope with them, hoping to run into a gay, black guy?

Here’s the real question:  What are the chances that two racist homophobes recognized one of the characters from Empire walking down the street at 2:00AM in 10 degree weather?

Up until the time I heard about Smollett’s attack, I had never heard of him.

Please don’t read anything into the fact that I don’t watch Empire. I do watch Blackish and I’ve seen every movie that Denzel and Will Smith ever made.

After the revelations from the Nigerian brothers and subsequent unfolding of events, things began to fall into place.  Based on the information available in the public sphere, we can reasonably conclude that Jussie Smollett set up his own mugging.

The reports disseminated in the media however, were accurate and based on available information.  Only Smollett made up news, the media just reported what he said, which is how it works.

If YOU came forward and said that you were assaulted, no one would doubt your story.  Unless, of course you are known to be an unrepentant and habitual liar, which you are not (I hope).

We now know that Jussie Smollett is (a liar).

We have a similar problem with the man who now occupies the White House.   Many people refer to him as the president, but I can no longer see it that way.

Donnie makes all kinds of claims, sometimes several in one day and almost all of them fly in the face of things we can see and hear with our own eyes and ears and often conflict with accepted science and conclusions reached through the vigorous and exhaustive work of our intelligence agencies.

That was a long sentence, so please take a breath and read it again.

Donnie is a climate change denier, which can only be explained by ignorance or greed.  The Pentagon (that 5-sided building that is part of Donnie’s administration) has long held that climate change presents a direct risk to national security, including threats to military installations.

The conclusions of Donnie’s own administration, however do not align with his narrative, so he’s putting together a panel of like minded idiots to refute the Pentagon’s findings.

The head of the committee will be a guy who thinks carbon output should be celebrated, not minimized. You can read more about that HERE.

There is no crisis at the border. The vast majority of drugs coming north go through ports of entry. There is virtually no human trafficking coming from Mexico.  The girl with the duct tape over her eyes was in a movie Donnie saw.

There are no prayer rugs at the border. A little fact checking HERE.

The point is, Donnie wants you to believe his narrative and if you like him and don’t take the time to see if he’s lying, you just might.

The Mueller investigation is not a witch hunt. There have been dozens of indictments and people are going to jail.  Just about every one of Donnie’s accomplices had some type of contact with Russian spies and lied about it.

This is all stuff you can find out for yourself.

Think of it this way; If your spouse/partner assured you of his/her fidelity as often as Donnie says “No collusion,” wouldn’t you be just the least bit suspicious?

Justin Smollett may not go to jail for telling one lie, but he is definitely going to court.  Multiply that offense by 8,500 and Donnie may just be going to the gallows.

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