America's government must be purged of the two-headed monsters

America's government must be purged of the two-headed monsters

The Constitution establishes America’s government in three co-equal parts. Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) is created in the very first section (Article I), so it must’ve been pretty important to the Founding Fathers.

Article II establishes the Executive Branch (President) and Article III establishes the Judiciary (the Supreme Court and lower federal courts).

Now you know more about the United States’ government than Donald J. Trump.  So, who are these two-headed monsters and how do we get them out of our government?

The answers are pretty simple, though moving on the second part of the question may be a bit more complex.

As to the first part of the question, let’s just say that no woman has ever been accused of thinking with the wrong head. Get my drift?

As for getting the pricks out of Washington, we’re just going to have to do that the old fashioned way, at the polls.

Men are not suited for governing, which makes them (us) bad for the planet. If you don’t believe it, pick up a history book.

Spoiler alert:  Russia did NOT invade Afghanistan in 1979 to fight terrorism.

It’s not necessarily our fault, it’s just the way we’re programmed. Doing bad things is genetically engineered into us at the molecular level.

Women, on the other hand have one ideal quality which makes them uniquely suited for Congress. We’ll get back to that in just a few.

Men, like all animals are programmed to screw everything that moves. That’s how species survive.

Most of us have learned to control our urges, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. #metoo #timesup

We tend to equate power and money to sex, because the first two tend to be gateways to the third. Juxtaposing those three things can create a blur, where the end and the means switch places.

In the case of someone ridiculously weird looking like Mitch McConnell, power becomes the end game, because sex requires a handful of hundred dollar bills and a whore house.

All of this is a recipe for unbridled greed and corruption, the very definition of a “swamp.”

Woman are nurturers. They’re here to take care of the rest of us. Doesn’t it make sense to trust them with the important stuff that happens when people are dressed?

Another thing that women do well is jealousy, and that’s a good thing. The power imbued in the two houses of Congress by the Constitution needs to be guarded jealously by their members. That’s how American democracy works.

If the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives relinquish their power to the president, we will be right back to where this whole thing started in 1776, tossing Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan into Boston Harbor.

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