Fire the negroes, build a wall & drain the swamp. Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Fire the negroes, build a wall & drain the swamp. Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

Beer for My Horses is a strange, macho anthem from uber patriot, Toby Keith.  You can read the lyrics HERE, but you’ll have to google it yourself if you want to see the video.

Keith is an enigma.  He’s a troop supporting, freedom loving Democrat who played at Donnie Drumpf’s inauguration.  He also played at a men only venue in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last year, following a Trump speech about Islam.

How’s that for a mental image; Donald Trump, Toby Keith and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia?


I bring up the song because it’s a blue print of Trumpism, filled with bumper sticker slogans and jingoist chants.  It is a sound track for the Make American Great Again-Build the Wall-Drain the Swamp meatheads.

You may think me remiss by omitting the ever popular, “Lock her up,” but we’re going to save that one for another day.

Arguably, immigration is Donnie Drumpf’s signature issue, the wall being its poster child. It is however, a promise that will go unfulfilled.

To be fair, barriers have been built along the border under previous administrations, but on a mile-by-mile basis. While some sort of structure may bolster security along certain parts of the border, a 2,000 mile wall may not be quite the deterrent it was when the Great Wall of China was built.

Immigration is a solid issue for Donnie, it’s easy to stoke the fear of “others” among Trumpsters. They’re big on sound bytes, not so much on nuance.

Picking a fight with black football players is another crowd pleaser.

It’s easy to paint non-Republican, non-white athletes as non-American and unpatriotic. White men don’t really care that Colin Kakepernick wasn’t disrespecting the flag, but appealing to the equality and justice that flag represents.

Donnie Drumpf has turned democracy on its ear and flipped reality upside down. As his consigliere, Rudy Giuliani famously quipped, “Truth isn’t truth.”

Above all the noise, the lies and the self-dealing criminality, many questions beg to be asked, the answers to which may be the credo of a tribe called “Trumpsters.”

For example, why aren’t the Trumpsters, who portray themselves as great patriots, demanding of their president a thorough investigation into the digital attack on American democracy?  Why aren’t they demanding action?

This was an attack every bit as heinous as the one on 9/11 and our response has been to praise and defend the perpetrator, Vladimir Putin.

How is it possible that Trumpsters think that their guy is draining the swamp?  Not only has corruption thrived in the age of Trump, his arrival in Washington, DC was accompanied by a crime wave the likes of which has never before been seen.

Everyone around Trump has some connection to Russia and has lied about.  How many people do you know with connections to Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs?  Would you lie about it, if asked?

Everyone that Trump brought to Washington came on board with clear intentions to rip off America. Trump said he was going hire the best people, now half of them are in jail.

Is this how Trumpsters envision draining the swamp?

If only 25% of the allegations are true, Donnie Drumpf is to con men what John Wayne Gacy is to mass murderers.

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