Donnie Drumpf and Cindy Hyde-Smith step up to a public hanging

Donnie Drumpf and Cindy Hyde-Smith step up to a public hanging

Donnie Drumpf had high praise for Republican Senate hopeful Cindy Hyde-Smith and held held two rallies in support of her candidacy.

Walmart on the other hand, asked her to return their campaign donation.  As toxic as Hyde-Smith was to Walmart, that’s how important her vote is to Donnie Drumpf.

The urgency of that need increases daily as January 3, 2019 approaches, the date Democrats will reign over the 116th United States Congress.

Democrats who could draft Articles of Impeachment, although they probably won’t.

Cindy Hyde-Smith went to an all white high school, as in “no blacks allowed.”  We shouldn’t hold that against her, but we should remember that as an adult, she chose to send her daughter, Anna-Michael Smith to that same segregation school, Lawrence County Academy.

Anna-Michael (what is it with these people and hyphens?) campaigned for her mom, which is good.  She also sent a very clear message to white college students that this was the most important election in their lives and that they had to vote.

What Anna-Michael was saying is that Mississippi had to elect her mother to prevent a black man, Mike Espy from taking that Senate seat.

At his rallies, Donnie Drumpf said that Espy wasn’t a real Mississippian. “What is he to Mississippi?” Trump asked. Which is racist speak for “He’s not white.”

Espy is every bit a Mississippian as Hyde-Smith, maybe more.  Espy’s grandfather opened a hospital in Mississippi in the 1920’s to provide care for African-Americans, something that was sorely unavailable in the South.

In 2007 Hyde-Smith successfully sponsored a resolution in the Mississippi State Senate to commend Confederate soldiers for “defending their homeland.”

That however, is not what the Civil War was about.  Confederate soldiers fought for the right of white people to buy and sell black people.

They were fighting for the right for a white man to take a little black girl from her family and sell her to anyone for any purpose.  It was legal, just as it was legal for that little black girl to be gang raped and hung from a tree.

A little black boy could be bought for $20 and sodomized until his rectum fell out.

Too graphic? Sometimes actual history is very graphic.

During her campaign, Cindy Hyde-Smith said that she would be happy to attend a public hanging.  A lot of people found that offensive, Mississippi being the public hanging capital of America and all.

Maybe it’s not such a bad idea, though. We can have a public hanging right there in Tupelo, I’m they probably have a couple of trees ideal for that purpose.

The guests of honor would be Cindy Hyde-Smith and her benefactor, Donnie Drumpf.   Hanging them might not be significant restitution for the 3,446 African Americans lynched in Mississippi between 1882 and 1968, but it’s a start.

Like separating children from their parents, it might serve as a deterrent.  Like Donnie Drumpf says, “We need to send a message down south.”

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