Republican propaganda works, even on Democrats

Republican propaganda works, even on Democrats
Dumb and Dumber

Tim Ryan is a Democratic congressman and has been serving Ohio in the House of Representatives since 2002. Ryan is a good guy and a smart guy and if he’s the Democratic candidate for president in 2020, I will definitely vote for him.

Not dogmatic or ideological, Ryan has the ability to consider his positions carefully and adapt to new information. In 2010 Ryan voted to restrict federal funding for abortions, but by 2015 he embraced a pro-choice leaning.

I’m with Ryan on a lot of issues like immigration, veterans and health care, not so much on trade.

Reasonable voters tend to look for good candidates who consider the interests of all their constituents, not someone in lock step with their own ideas or champions of a single issue.

Where I jump off the Tim Ryan train is his opposition to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  Pelosi has been an extraordinarily effective Speaker, sharing rare air with guys like Tip O’Neill and Sam Rayburn.

It’s true that Pelosi has been a divisive figure in congressional politics, but that’s because Republicans like to paint her as a demon with horns and a tail.

On all his campaign stops, Donnie Drumpf admonished his Trumpsters that allowing Democrats to gain control of the House would put the hated Nancy Pelosi back in power.

Like all carefully crafted, GOP campaigns of demonization, some Democrats allow themselves to be seduced by the Dark Side.  Look what happened with Hillary Clinton.

Nancy Pelosi is not the enemy.  She is not some old lady trying for a comeback in stand up comedy. Think of Pelosi reclaiming the gavel as Terminator 7.

In normal times I would agree with Ryan’s premise that it’s time for new blood.  These however, are not normal times.

Almost everything we see and hear coming out of Washington, DC is abnormal and unprecedented.  Not even Richard Nixon had such a complete disregard for the laws of the land, the institutions that hold us together and the very office of the presidency itself.

This is no time for newbies. We can’t afford the learning curve.

In 2008 Nancy Pelosi helped usher TARP through congress, a bill that arguably saved the American economy and possibly the world’s.  In 2010 she steered the Affordable Care Act through treacherous waters.

Tim Ryan wants to move forward on Progressive issues like health care and women’s rights.  He’s going to want Nancy Pelosi wrangling votes in the House.  He’s going to want Nancy Pelosi standing up to Mitch McConnell.

He definitely wants Nancy Pelosi running the show if he turns out to be the Democratic nominee for President.

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