Two reasons why the word "Democratic" is taboo to Trump and the GOP

Two reasons why the word "Democratic" is taboo to Trump and the GOP

Lots of words can be used both as nouns and as adjectivesCollege is a noun that becomes an adjective when used to describe a person, as in college student.

The word police is a noun that becomes an adjective when referring to a police station or a police car.

The word Republican is both a noun and an adjective.  Mitch McConnell is a Republican and he belongs to the Republican Party.  His criminal obedience to the donor class is signature Republican.

That McConnell should be drawn and quartered may be a subject for another discussion.

The word Democrat is a noun.  A person can be a Democrat, but when referring to that person’s political affiliation, you would call it the Democratic Party.

That’s how the rules of grammar work.  In a time when laws have minimal value, it’s not surprising that rules of grammar have none.

You will never hear Donald Trump refer to the Democratic Party or anything having to do with Democrats as Democratic.  He will always call it the Democrat Party and it’s meant to be disparaging.

Trump has managed to turn the word Democrat into an insult.

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

Demonization is fundamental to all dictators and it’s something honed by Republicans over decades. They managed to turn the mere mention of the name Hillary Clinton into a traumatic event.

People don’t know why they hate her, they just know that they do.  You can read more about that HERE.

There’s another problem with using the word Democratic as an adjective and there’s a little bit of justification to it.  Democratic with a big “D” sounds exactly like democratic with a small “d.”

When you call it the Democratic Party, it sounds like they’re the only party in town that embraces democracy.

The irony is that the way the Republican Party has devolved, especially since the rise of Trumpism, the Democratic Party really is the only party in town that embraces democracy.

Trump, McConnell et al want to make democracy sound like socialism and make socialism sound evil.

Remember that the folks telling you to watch out for the Socialists are the same ones who spent the midterm campaign telling you that they would protect your preexisting conditions.

That’s a laugh.

They spent the last eight years voting to protect the INSURANCE COMPANIES from your preexisting conditions.  They voted to take away your health care 50 or 60 times.

Democracy is not Socialism and Socialism is not evil.  If it weren’t for socialist policies, you would have to build your own bridge to cross the Mississippi River.  You’d have to drive a snow plow to get anywhere in the winter.

You’d have to call Paul Ryan to bring his hose to put out a fire in your man cave.  Or she shed.

There’s a lot of things your government can do for you that you can’t do for yourself.  That’s why we pay taxes.

The operative part of Social Security is the security part, but don’t forget the social part.  Beyond that, it’s something you already paid for and calling it an entitlement is just another ploy to demonize something that you’re entitled to.

I’ve been on medicare for a few years and it works great.  Imagine how much greater it would be if it covered everyone, instead of only the elder (like me) and the infirm (not me).

It’s true that the Democratic Party embraces democratic principles.  They are Americans who support the rights and freedoms of their fellow Americans and, by extension the rights and freedoms of citizens around the world.

That leaves us with one question: Why isn’t the President of the United States Democratic?

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