Donald Trump and the continued betrayal of America's warriors

Donald Trump and the continued betrayal of America's warriors


In Donald Trump and the betrayal of America’s warriors, we discussed some of the things that boggle our minds and infuriate us.

Mostly, it has to do with a man who has never served his country in ANY capacity, claiming to love our military but clearly hating the people who serve.  Just as he claims to love his country, but demonizes Americans.

The mind boggling part is the way veterans and military support groups blindly repeat the slogans and chants of MAGA hysteria.

Now when they chant, “Lock her up” though, it could be Ivanka’s emails they’re talking about.

Stupidity is incurable, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  There’s always something new to add to the atrocities and betrayals of Donnie Trump, so let’s get to it.

Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as his Acting Attorney General is controversial, to say the least.  It’s important to remember that there is no difference between the authority of an Acting Attorney General and that of a full time, Senate confirmed Attorney General.

Even if it seemed that Jeff Sessions was just acting, he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Whitaker, like most of Trump’s appointments is breathtakingly unqualified for his job, and not just because he believes that judges should have a “biblical view” of American jurisprudence.

Believe in the Bible all you want, but once we succumb to religious doctrine as constitutional law, we are no different than the Taliban.

Matt Whitaker appeared on cable TV to express his views to an audience of one; a job interview, of sorts.

Whitaker took up Trump’s position on the Mueller investigation as a witch hunt and offered a road map for shutting it down.

Trump first said that he knew Whitaker very well, then he said he didn’t know him at all.  In his latest version, offered to Fox’s Chris Wallace, Trump said that he didn’t hear about Whitaker’s comments on the investigation.

He also said that Whitaker was right, so you can take away what you will.

The main point though is that the position of Attorney General – or anyone who acts as Attorney General – requires confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

The Special Counsel does not, although Robert Mueller has twice been confirmed, 98-0 and 100-0.

Whitaker’s main qualification for Trumpland is that he is a criminal.  He was part of a scheme to defraud people trying to get their inventions to market.  Whitaker’s company was fined $25 Million.

Whitaker’s company also promoted a time machine.  Who wouldn’t like to hop in that baby and go back to 2016?

What’s important to know is that Whitaker’s fraudulent schemes targeted veterans, especially the disabled.

Speaking of targeting veterans, Trump’s latest foil is retired U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven. A man who commanded U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 and headed U.S. Special Operations.

Trump lied that McCraven “backed” Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, not that it matters if he did.  Trump taunted McCraven for not finding Osama bin Laden sooner, seemingly unaware that finding bin Laden was the job of the CIA, not Navy SEALs.

Anyone who ever wore the uniform knows that before you were given that uniform, before you had your head shaved, you had to take an oath.  That oath was to defend the Constitution, not be a toady for any man, president or otherwise.

We like to say, “When you see something, say something.”  It follows that if you see someone attacking our Constitution, you should say something.

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