Donald Trump and the betrayal of America's warriors

Donald Trump and the betrayal of America's warriors

Note: If you ride with *WWR, *PGR, *AVMRA, *CVMRA or are a member of any other military support group, consider this an open message:

Monday was Veterans Day and the President of the United States did not go to Arlington National Cemetery. That’s a big deal, but like so many other big deals, it gets lost in the noise of the next big deal.

President Obama skipped Arlington one year, but he went to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois, instead.  He was still severely criticized for the omission.

Donnie Trump sat home Monday and watched Fox & Friends.

On the Saturday before that, the President of the United States skipped a ceremony at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, about an hour’s drive north of Paris.  The ceremony honored American warriors who died during World War I, most during the Battle of Belleau Wood.

There are some 2,300 American grave sites at Aisne-Marne and a wall with more than 1,600 names of warriors who whose remains were never found.

It was also the U.S. Marine Corps’ 243rd birthday.

Trump blamed his absence on rain, but all the other world leaders were there as was his chief of staff, John Kelly.  Rain.

Donnie sent 5,900 troops to Arizona to sit in the desert and eat MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) while having no particular mission and no time to recharge their phones.  The “invasion” from Mexico is still hundreds of miles away and they’re still walking.

Those troops will not be home for Thanksgiving because they were political fodder for the midterms.

The Commander in Chief deployed the U.S. Army for his own political gains at a cost of 200 MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS.  Hopefully, they’ll be home for Christmas

Donald Trump pretends to love and support the military, but all evidence is completely to the contrary. It’s just a matter of how much evidence it will take before you believe it.

When he said about John McCain that he prefers people who weren’t captured, you were silent.  You stood silent when he ripped on one of the greatest American heroes of modern times.

 Qui tacet consentire videtur is Latin for “Silence gives consent.”

You consented for him to rip on the Gold Star parents of KIA Captain Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq in 2004.  Khan ran TOWARD a suspicious car, causing it to explode before it could reach the troops he ordered to remain behind.

You consented to an attack on Gold Star parents while you support a man who ran AWAY from any kind of service to this country.

Nor were there complaints when Trump bashed the Gold Star widow of Army Sergeant La David Johnson.

Four soldiers died in an ambush in Niger and Donnie’s aides somehow found humor in it.

Right now, thousands of veterans are unable to pay their rent, pay  their tuition or buy food because the Veterans Administration has been unable to get them their checks for months.

The military support groups I have ridden with act like my disgust with Donald Trump is some sort of betrayal to them.  Well guys, I think you betrayed your own values.

Donald Trump may the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, but that does not include us. He is not our Commander in Chief nor that of any civilian.

He is not my president because he thinks he’s only president of people who wear MAGA hats and go to his rallies.


How are you not disgusted by this man whose actions lay waste to his words and to our mission? He has betrayed everyone who has served and dishonored those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families.

Donnie Trump has never visited the troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.

We all have to look in the mirror, from time to time.  Do you really see a patriot looking back at you?

*WWR – Warriors’ Watch Riders
*AVMRA – American Veterans Motorcycle Riders Association
*PGR – Patriot Guard Riders
*CVRA – Canaryville Veterans Riders Association

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