A caravan of Middle Eastern gangsters, funded by George Soros, Christine Blasey Ford, Hllary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi is coming to vote, take your job and do terrorism

A caravan of Middle Eastern gangsters, funded by George Soros, Christine Blasey Ford, Hllary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi is coming to vote, take your job and do terrorism

If you don’t do critical thought and are easily provoked, you may find the above headline heart stopping.  It checks off just about all the boxes of fear and loathing in America.

The only thing missing is big black guys kneeling and the mayor of San Juan throwing paper towels back at Donald Trump.

If only that headline was written in parody.  Sadly, it is not.

Trump is using the misery and suffering of thousands of Hondurans and Guatemalans to strike fear into the hearts of the heartless.  He’s demonizing those who deserve our sympathy, as they flee a homeland bereft of hope.

Here’s the deal with the caravan: It’s A THOUSAND MILES from our border and they’re walking.  Think about how fast you could hoof it from New York City to Chicago, schlepping your kids and all your belongings.

These are mostly women and children and this is not the first foot march of its type. They have walked north before, some peeling off in Mexico, others LEGALLY presenting themselves at the U.S. border to request asylum.

Most will be denied asylum and they will peacefully head back south.

Mike “The Dunce” Pence opined that it is “inconceivable” that a group of 7,000 people gathered without the inclusion of “Middle Easterners.”

First of all, Mike, that number 7,000 is greatly inflated.

Second and more important is the fact that it is entirely conceivable that a group formed in Honduras and Guatemala contains no Middle Easterners, not that there’s anything inherently evil about Middle Easterners.

What’s inconceivable, Mike is that you’re going to spend the next two years continuing to stare at the back of Trump’s hairdo.

When confronted by reporters about his claims of Middle Easterners advancing on our boarders, Trump said “there’s no proof of anything,” but suggested that it was at least possible.

The truth is that anything is possible, but there is proof for lots of things, like collusion and global warming.

With all of the voter suppression being aggressively pursued by Republicans, it’s hard to see how  Trump can make the case that these people are now marching across Mexico and will somehow get into America, register and vote in the midterms.

Lifelong residents of Georgia can’t even register because the guy running for governor is in charge of voter registration.  Those that can vote worry that their votes may not even count.

Suggesting that Democrats are organizing a voting blitz from Honduras is beyond ridiculous, assuming you can still discriminate between reality and anything Trump says.

John Lovett (Pod Save America) put it best when he asked how it would be possible to get the vote out in Honduras when we can’t even do it in Pennsylvania.

There is one amusing aspect to this whole thing and it’s always worth highlighting a little humor in these very trying times.

At a news conference Trump said that the U.S. Border Patrol has intercepted wonderful people from South America and from other parts further south.

Since the only thing south of South America is Antarctica, we have to conclude that Donald Trump is telling us that the U.S. Border Patrol has intercepted penguins trying to sneak into our country.

Hopefully, they’ll stop them before they vote.

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