Did Trump just give away the store to a "very talented" Kim Jong-un?

Did Trump just give away the store to a "very talented" Kim Jong-un?

Let’s pretend that you just got an invitation to your cousin’s wedding.  The RSVP card and self-addressed envelope were missing, but that’s not all.

There’s no mention of Cousin Kelly’s betrothed or of the date or location of the event.  It appears that Cousin Kelly is planning a wedding, but hasn’t yet made her love connection.

That invitation, devoid of pertinent information is exactly what Donald Trump signed and presented to the American people as his great accomplishment.

Going back to 1985, America and the rest of the world have signed many agreements with North Korea in efforts to curb their nuclear ambitions.  Those agreements included very specific details, but were doomed to failure because of  North Korea’s refusal to live up to the bargain.

Trump said that Kim was anxious to “de-nuke,” but he didn’t say when or how.  We don’t even know where all their nuclear facilities are and they’re not likely to tell us.

Kim has no intention to give up his nukes.  That’s what got him onto the world stage in parity with the United States of America and he’s not going to give that away.

Would Trump give up the lies and personal attacks that got him elected?

Trump’s “agreement” has no mention of accessibility or verification procedures and he didn’t seem to know anything about it when asked.  It was Ronald Reagan who said, “Trust, but verify.”

If he wanted to see what a comprehensive verification process looks like, Trump could have read the Iran deal.

Kim seemed amenable to returning the remains of some 5,000 American soldiers still in North Korea, but it’s a little known fact that they charge us $1,000,000 (one million dollars) for each one.

As an afterthought, Trump added that we’re going to end our joint military exercises with South Korea.  He said that they were too expensive and added, in Kim’s words that the exercises were “provocative.”  We know how much Trump hates being provocative.

Before the ink on the agreement was dry, China was already asking the U.N. to end sanctions on North Korea, making China and North Korea the big winners this week.

Trump has no idea that it was withdrawing our troops from South Korea that encouraged Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung to invade South Korea, leading to a war that cost almost 40,000 American lives.

Trump says that Kim is an honorable man who loves his country. He loves them so much that he starves them, ensuring that they won’t be thinking about any sort of uprising.

He loves them so much that he has 100,000 of them in forced labor camps and executes them at will. Those executions include his own family members.

When a person is deemed to be disloyal to Kim, three generations of that person’s family are jailed, but let’s try to resist any premature judgements.  As our President likes to say, “We’ll see what happens.”

Donald Trump, Jr. might well be on his way to North Korea right now to start work on those beach front condos.

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