You might be a Native American and not even know it

You might be a Native American and not even know it

Most people of Native American heritage know it.  There aren’t many who find out through that their DNA is comprised of 26% Native American markers.

Other than Native Americans, the indigenous people of what we call America, the rest of us are foreigners, immigrants.  Every last one of us is a direct link to the original immigration problem.

The following actually happened in a Home Depot in Vernon Hills, Illinois:

I was looking at some medicine cabinets when a voice behind me asked, “You know what the difference is between surface mount and recessed mount?

It seemed like an odd question, but I decided to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.  After all, he had arms like tree trunks and a chest like a naval destroyer.

He was wearing one of those World Gym tee shirts with the arm holes cut down to his waist and a camouflage hat with a picture of an AR-15 on it.  Above the AR-15 it said “Not today.”  Below the rifle it said, “Antifa.”

As tactfully as I could, I explained that a surface mounted medicine cabinet is mounted on the surface of the wall (above the vanity), while a recessed mount calls for a hole to be cut in the drywall and the medicine cabinet recessed into the hole.

Usually, the recessed mount will require cutting a couple of wall studs and adding support to keep them in place.

He thought about it for several heartbeats and responded, “Huh. So which one should I get?

I recommended the surface mount, but it turned out that he didn’t know the width of the vanity over which this medicine cabinet would hang, so I suggested he buy a tape measure and return home.

He said, “Thanks, bud” and turned to leave when he spun around and said, “How ’bout our guy gettin’ rid of all these foreigners and immigrants?

Hoping not to provoke the guy, I asked, “Which foreigners would that be?

He said, “All of ’em. Every last one of ’em.”

Before I could stop myself I asked, “Uh, which tribe are YOU from?

No fuckin’ tribe, man,” he boasted.  “I’m a native born American.

I’d like to tell you that I tried to explain to World Gym guy the difference between Native Americans and so-called “native born Americans,” but I didn’t.

This is a way of thinking that defies logic, common sense or the ability to distinguish nuance from bumper stickers.

It’s the twisted type of racism that gives rise to the euphemistically named, nativism, a convenient state of mind that leads to ethnic cleansing, like the Holocaust.

The bigger puzzle, though was why this guy thought that his guy was “our guy.”  Do I look like that kind of guy?

In parting I just smiled and said, “Well, he’s certainly working hard to make Russia great again.”

His quizzical look said it all.  Any thought I had of defining “indigenous people” to him vanished.

Home Depot guy may not be typical of every Trumpster, but he was the poster child of one for me.

I ordered the medicine cabinet from Amazon and will probably switch to Lowes or Menards for a while.

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