Is Ivanka Trump really a feckless vagina?

Is Ivanka Trump really a feckless vagina?

Samantha Bee stirred up quite a controversy last month when she called First (and favorite) Daughter, Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt.”

Out of respect for our sensibilities, I substituted the the v-word for the c-word in the title.

It’s hard to say how any word can become such anathema to all that it is universally the worst thing you can call any woman. Is having four letters the primary criterion or is it a remnant of our puritanical sex aversion?

In a very real way, the vagina is the very center of humanity.

There’s other words that can be used to refer to the female genitalia, including (but not limited to) pussy, cooch, muff, box, honey pot and my favorite, vajayjay, which is just a cutesy take on the actual word, vagina.

Of all these slang words and euphemisms, how is it that the c-word garnered such taboo?

I don’t know the answer to that, but if I ever used it around my house, I would have to hire a food tester to show up at dinner time.

The word that didn’t get much attention though, is “feckless.” We were all so focused on the pejorative noun that we ignored the adjective.  Is Ivanka Trump feckless?  I think not.

Ivanka is soft-spoken and articulate, but she is every bit her father’s daughter. The vajayjay doesn’t fall far from the prick.

It doesn’t seem like anything Ms. Trump does is random and certainly not ineffective.  She runs a good sized company and has somehow managed to secure 13 trademarks in China in record time.

One of the things that drew Bee’s ire was a picture Trump tweeted of herself cuddling her young son, while hundreds of immigrant children were being ripped from their parents arms and secreted into a system that would most likely render them orphans.

Many, Bee included thought that picture was insensitive and/or tone deaf, but was it?  Weaponizing Twitter is a Trump family specialty.

Ivanka, storied object of her father’s most inappropriate desires knew exactly what she was doing when she tweeted that picture.  She is, after all, a Trump surrogate, sent out to beat the drum for twisted and yes, feckless policies.

By posting that picture of herself and her child, she is telling white mothers across America to focus on their own children and not those little brown bastards sneaking into our country.

If you find yourself aghast at my suggestion (as do I), ask yourself this:  Is it really out of line with the rhetoric coming out of the White House (POTUS, John Kelly, Stephen Miller, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders) and even from Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen?

People look at Ivanka and see some elusive beauty, which is weird considering the fact that she’s got a face like a horse.  She once went into a bar and the bartender ask her, “Why the long face?”

Luckily, Ivanka has the wherewithal to put herself together in an eye-pleasing way.  It’s worth remembering though, that her look can disguise a multitude of sins.

It’s naive to characterize Ivanka as a “feckless cunt.”  If anything, she is an evil…….vajayjay.

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