Exclusive: Donald Trump's remarks on Air Force One after the Kim summit

Exclusive: Donald Trump's remarks on Air Force One after the Kim summit

If you had a time machine, you could sprint 10 or 12 hours into the future and check out Donnie’s remarks following his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un, even before the talks begin.

And it will be historic.  Whether or not it accomplishes anything remains to be seen.


Following are Donnie’s comments made aboard Air Force One on his return trip from Singapore, about 10 hours from now:

“Well, we had a terrific meeting, it went very well. We got along terrific and Kim, I call him Kim says he wants to come to the White House very soon and take a picture in the Oval Office.  We may give him an airplane because he only has ICBMs that can fly that far. Kim is a very fine man, very honorable, he released our great American heroes, he wants to have a great relationship with us, just like the great relationship we have and we’ll have to see what happens. Kim said he laughs about the Rusher thing, he doesn’t think there was any collusion, no collusion, just fake news by very disloyal Americans, he doesn’t have any fake news in North Korea and you have to admire that.”

(Reporter asks question about nuclear disarmament)

“Kim wants to disarm, he said he would disarm and I believe him, he’s a very honorable man, we’ll have to see what happens.  He already blew up a nuclear test place, uh, facility, I guess, but we’ll have to see what happens.  I think he really likes me and I think we’ll have a great relationship, get a lot of stuff done that frankly should have been done by other presidents, but I’ll take care of it and we’ll see what happens.”

(Reporter asks question about violations of human rights)

“Well, you know the people love Kim, I call him Kim. You can see it on the news, they treat him like they love him, there’s no protests. When Kim’s father died the people lined the streets and they were crying and sobbing, so they really love him. Sure, there’s some bad stuff, but we have bad stuff, too, we’ll see what happens.”

(Reporter asks what kind of operation Melania had that she can’t fly for a month)

“Well, you know we have a great first lady and she’s really loved and she’s a great mother and she had a very serious four hour operation, maybe it was longer and her doctor told her not to fly with me…not to fly for a month.  We’ll have to see what happens.  I’m going to go call her now, thank you folks.”

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