Should Bob Iger apologize to Donald Trump or fire him?

Should Bob Iger apologize to Donald Trump or fire him?

This last week has been a Cword fest and I find myself flummoxed.   How we ever decided which words are nice and which are nasty is a mystery.

George Carlin had a unique take on “dirty” words and you can watch that by clicking HERE.

The whole Samantha Bee-Ivanka Trump thing is fading away, but there are some things worth remembering.  For one,  the President of the United States doesn’t seem to know the difference between vulgarity and bigotry.

When he dismisses climate change because of winter snow storms, it’s clear that he doesn’t know the difference between climate and weather. Not a small distinction.

He doesn’t seem to understand that free speech applies to people who disagree with him or that negative stories about him are not “fake news.”  Especially when those stories are based on actual footage of the things he says and does.

He doesn’t understand that he doesn’t get to define patriotism or that everyone working in government has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution.

Only his personal lawyers are tasked with defending him.

On the heels of Roseanne Barr being fired by ABC for a particularly vile, degrading and blatantly racist tweet, TBS’s Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt.”

Two words as apropos as any.  Ivanka may be soft spoken and articulate, but she is still a Trump.

It was a picture Ms. Trump posted of herself cuddling her son that sparked Bee’s ire, along with a deluge of angry tweets.

While mother-child pics might normally inspire purrs of “Aww,’ this one came in the midst of a firestorm about 1,500 missing immigrant children. In that context, it seemed a bit tone deaf.

In her defense, there’s always horrible things going on in this world and they’re not all Trump’s doing.

The problem here is that her father set into motion the process that is now separating children from their parents and housing them in facilities that have been described by the United Nations as “inhumane.”

The U.N. has also determined the process to be illegal according to international law.

Donald Trump weighed in on the affair and his response was predictable.  He did what he always does, he made it all about himself.

Trump said that Bob Iger, head of ABC’s parent company, Walt Disney never called him “to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC.”  Iger called Valerie Jarrett, the object of Barr’s tweet.

It never seems to occur to Donald that horrible things are said about him because he does and says horrible things.

Trump’s secondary reaction would be almost laughable if it weren’t sinister.  He demanded that TBS fire Samantha Bee.  The President of the United States demanded a TV network fire a private citizen because of something she said about his daughter.

Besides the fact that it is a frightening glimpse into the mind of a would-be dictator, it’s astoundingly hypocritical, since he refused to fire Kelly Sadler, who made a hideously disparaging remark about a true American hero, Senator John McCain.

Sadler no longer works in the White House, although it appears that her departure was related to a feud with her boss, Mercedes Schlapp and not the actual remark.

Roseanne Barr was fired because her tweet was a racist slap in the face to sixty million black Americans, not because she insulted Valerie Jarett.

Samantha Bee insulted Ivanka Trump.

We view the Cword as the worst possible thing you can call a woman.  If that insult had been flung by a man, all women might have had good reason to be up in arms.

On a woman-to-woman basis, it’s no different than black people using the Nword.  They have a right to own that word, just as women have a right to own and use the Cword.

Why did Donald Trump make it all about himself and then try to use the power of the presidency for a personal vendetta?

The words fucking asshole come to mind, but that would be vulgar.

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