Is Rudy Giuliani a complete idiot or is he just playing one on TV?

Is Rudy Giuliani a complete idiot or is he just playing one on TV?

Rudy Giuliani was once known as America’s mayor.  Now we can only scratch our heads and wonder, “What the hell happened to that guy?

The subject of Giuliani’s bizarre TV blitz came up recently over cocktails, where many theories were proposed to explain Rudy’s ranting and raving.

One theory involved the toxicity of Donald Trump, poisoning everyone around him.  John Kelly would be one of the more profound examples of this phenomenon.

Kelly came to the White House as a respected figure and immediately began debasing himself, the Marine Corps and the memory of his son.

Another theory paralleled body snatcher scenarios, where some sort of aliens – Trump being their leader – inhabit the bodies of those around him.

That might explain Kelly’s transition from an upstanding Marine to an unapologetic, bigoted liar.

By the end of the evening, a more scientific theory had emerged and it bears consideration.

About a year before 9/11, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani underwent treatment for prostate cancer.  In sharp contrast to the vile remarks of White House runt Kelly Sadler, Rudy’s condition was not ridiculed during the discussion.

What was focused on was the treatment itself, which was rigorous.

Giuliani had 90 “seeds” of radioactive palladium placed into his prostate. He also underwent a 5-week course of targeted, external radiation and a long course of hormone therapy.

Every man should be encouraged by Giuliani’s triumphant battle with prostate cancer. Sadly, he may have lost his mind in the process.

Let’s start with Rudy’s bombastic blast from the podium at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

If you clicked on the link above and watched that 29-second clip, you had to have thought you were either watching an outtake of Monty Python or an escapee from Bellvue.

During the Trump transition, Giuliani was on the short list for Attorney General, but it never came to pass. That was a decision that Trump most certainly regrets.

Now Rudy has come to Washington to lead the war against American jurisprudence, our Department of Justice, the FBI and the Constitution.

Make no mistake, the foundation of American democracy is under siege.

Since joining Trump’s legal team last month, Giuliani has been on a rampage. It’s been an incoherent, inaccurate and contradictory rampage to be sure, but he’s making plenty of noise.

People like Sean Hannity, who’s either a liar or an ignoramus have given voice to a litany of anti-American propaganda.

One of Giuliani’s claims is that it doesn’t matter if opposition research comes from “Russia, Germany or America.”

Here’s the thing: It matters VERY MUCH. Getting information like that from a foreign government is a crime.  If it comes from a hostile nation that wants to destroy America, it’s TREASON.

And if it isn’t, it should be.

Giuliani’s new strategy should be the most alarming to anyone who has read a history book, which may not include many in the “basket.”

Giuliani is now stipulating to Trump’s guilt, but asserting some sort of immunity a president might have shielding him from oversight.  It’s the “above the law” defense.

This would be a direct contradiction to Giuliani’s opinion of presidential oversight in 1998.

Trump said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue with complete impunity.  With complicity from the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Devin Nunes, that may very well be true.

As for Giuliani, all that hormone therapy may have had some unintended consequences.  He may have to change his name from Rudy to Judy.

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