How Gina Haspel, torture and abortion are all related (in my mind)

How Gina Haspel, torture and abortion are all related (in my mind)

Should the CIA be turned over to accused torturer and tape destroyer, Gina Haspel?  I vote, “Yes.”

Those of you who have visited this space before and consider this blogger a bleeding heart, fake news, Liberal puke may be surprised by my endorsement of Gina Haspel, Trump’s nominee for CIA Director.

If you watched Ms. Haspel’s confirmation hearings last week, you noticed that the questions were predictably pointed along party lines.

Some of the Republicans supporting Haspel’s nomination are doing so only to avoid angering the *basket.”   Some of the Democrats opposing Haspel’s nomination are doing so just to show their opposition to Trump.

Remember back in January, 2009, when Mitch McConnell said that Republicans were going to do everything in their power to prevent Obama’s success?

Republicans have always been stalwart in their support of our military, our intelligence community and federal law enforcement agencies.  This president has shown no respect for any of those people.

Telltale comments from Trump and his staff reveal the disdain and lack of respect they have for anyone who disagrees with them.  This has been painfully highlighted by the way John McCain has been treated by this administration.

We have a president who attacks our intelligence community based on their political leanings and falsely indicts their motivations, which are by and large non-partisan.

People like Gina Haspel often sacrifice the ability to have a normal family life and too often make the ultimate sacrifice and they do it for the love of their country.

Sacrifices that no one in the Trump family has ever known.

Gina Haspel was less than forthcoming about her role in “enhanced interrogation” as well as her role in the destruction of tapes showing that type of interrogation.

She was also not very clear about what her reaction would be if the President ordered her to reinstate what we now call torture and she refused to describe it as immoral.

Most puzzling of all was Haspel’s insistence that the President was not likely to ask her to resume torture, which is an odd stance since he has explicitly endorsed it.

Indisputable, though are Gina Haspel’s dedication to her country and single minded pursuit of our defense.

We are a generation past September 11, 2001 and its memory has long faded for many of us.  For people like Gina Haspel, 9/11 was a watershed moment that changed their mindsets irrevocably.

The men and women of the CIA and FBI were devastated by the events of 9/11, feeling that they had dropped the ball on the intelligence front and were powerless to stop the attack.

Getting information, any way possible became paramount.

Since those hearings, Haspel seems to have had a come-to-Jesus moment and renounced torture in a letter to Senator Mark Warner.

Not sure I’m buying it, but it’s time to get to the premise put forth in the title.

This Liberal must confess that he is not totally “down” with abortion. He is also not down with the government telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies.

We all deserve to make those choices for ourselves.

It’s clear from watching her confirmation hearings that Gina Haspel and I do not share the same view of “enhanced interrogation.” For one thing, I call it torture.

For those of us opposed to torture in the name of democracy, we should probably give Ms. Haspel the benefit of the doubt when she says that she won’t resurrect the torture program under any circumstances.

It may be just about time to trust the motives of people who don’t share our views; religious, moral, spiritual or whatever.

Ms. Haspel’s body of work should reassure us that she has the security of our country at heart, and that is not something we can say about most of the Trump administration.

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