Five reasons why Trump should NOT blow up the Iran deal

Five reasons why Trump should NOT blow up the Iran deal

Donald Trump may announce his decision (decertify or recertify) on the Iran deal sometime between now and May 12, 2018.  Like a true reality TV personality, he will entice us with teasers until that announcement is made.

Trump caused laughter when he said that he has studied the deal “more than anybody.”  He doesn’t read, much less study.

Click HERE to read FACTS about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran deal).

All of Trump’s statements leading up to his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement highlight his complete lack of knowledge or understanding of that deal.

He understood neither the goals nor the requirements of the Agreement.  Trump only knows what he hears on FOX* and the timeline of his tweets prove that.

He has whined repeated that Iran is not living up to the deal. FALSE.  Iran is still a bad actor on the world stage, but that is not a violation of the terms of this of deal.

Iran has continually called for the demise of Israel, so you can be sure that this blogger would unhesitatingly press a button that would instantly eliminate the Supreme Leader of Iran and all of his followers.

Iran acknowledging Israel’s right to exist however, is not part of the deal.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran is in full compliance with the terms of the deal, the purpose of which is to curtail Iran’s development of a nuclear arsenal.

Iran has halted its uranium enrichment program and has allowed inspectors – including on site cameras – full access to its facilities and any suspected facilities.

All of that would go away if Trump decertifies the deal.  That is one reason that France’s Emmanuel Macron came to America this week, to try to convince Trump to recertify the Iran deal.

Unfortunately for the world, Donald Trump may not be able to overcome his childish, egomaniacal obsession to undue Barack Obama’s legacy.

As promised in the title, here are five reasons for Donald Trump to recertify the Iran deal:

ONE: The timing issue should be obvious to everyone.

Trump plans to sit down with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, possibly as soon as late May to demand NK gives up its nukes.  Why would Kim consider any offer Trump makes in the wake of reneging on our last nuclear deal?

TWO:  Donnie keeps crying that the deal allows Iran to restart its nuclear program in ten years.  While that may be technically true, if Trump decertifies the deal on May 12, they can restart their nuclear program on May 13.

A lot can happen in ten years. Our military – the most powerful military in the history of the world – may have a deterrent in place to contain Iran by then.

All that, however is just a tad beside the point.  Trump is either lying or just plain uninformed.

The ten year window only applies to Iran’s ability to develop nuclear ENERGY, NOT NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

In the very first paragraph of the agreement, Iran affirms “that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.

THREE: Without the access that the Iran deal provides, we would have little or no idea what they were up to. Having access to their nuclear facilities also facilitates intelligence gathering inside Iran.

As a side benefit, it exposes Iranians to Western culture, something which could show up in future elections.

FOUR: The Iran deal is not just between the U.S. and Iran, it also includes China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Pulling out of the deal would be one more step toward isolating the United States, making us a less significant player on the world stage and opening the door further for Russia and China to step into the void.

FIVE: John Bolton, Trump’s newest National Security Advisor has been calling for the bombing of Iran since at least 2007.

Bolton headed up an anti-Muslim think tank and generally favors war over all other options and in all situations.

Besides that, should the President take advice from a man with this mustache (see below)?

*Please note that “News” will no longer be included herein with reference to the FOX network.

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