¿Quién es un criminal más grande, Scott Pruitt o Mick Mulvaney?

¿Quién es un criminal más grande, Scott Pruitt o Mick Mulvaney?

Title translation: “Who is a bigger criminal, Scott Pruitt or Mick Mulvaney?”

Mick Mulvaney may be a corrupt politician, a stooge for Wall Street and an enemy of the agency he heads, but Scott Pruitt is a one man crime wave.

We touched on some of Pruitt’s shenanigans in James Comey has a ‘Higher Loyalty,’ but so does Scott Pruitt.  Let’s take a look at Mulvaney before we drill down on Pruitt.

Mulvaney was a congressman from South Carolina who is the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget AND Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

That’s a lot of job titles for just one man.  Mulvaney however, is undaunted because he is unqualified for either job.

Mulvaney has referred to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as “a sad, sick joke.”  That may make him an odd choice for the job, but Trump seems to favor people who want to dismantle agencies in their charge.

Mulvaney is a good friend to banking just as Scott Pruitt is kind to fossil fuel.

Just this week, Mulvaney confessed to 1,300 bankers that, as a crooked congressman, he took bribes for favors.

He further advised the bankers to be generous to those lawmakers they wish to influence. How’s that for draining the swamp?

Mulvaney made those statements very publicly and for two unsettling reasons. The first reason is that he is so corrupt that he has lost track of right and wrong.

The second, more troubling reason is that the Trump administration is so corrupt that Mulvaney knew he would face no repercussions from his admissions.

Scott Pruitt is in a league of his own. In a swamp that has only grown wider and deeper since Trump took office, only Trump himself is a more ravenous consumer of self-dealing.

Pruitt learned the low points of politics when he was a state senator in Oklahoma. Lobbied by wealthy men, Pruitt envied their life style and decided he was going to live it.

All he needed was to find someone to pay for it.

As a $38,000 per year public servant, Pruitt was able to buy a $600,000 lake house through a series of shell corporations and money from his friend, Albert Kelly.

Kelly now heads the EPA Superfund Task Force.

As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Pruitt was well funded by the fossil fuel industry, on whose behalf he sued the EPA fourteen times.

Pruitt’s greatest sin may the BIG LIE about there being no scientific consensus about man’s contribution to the destructive force of climate change.

Pruitt does not consider 99% of scientists a consensus, even though the 1% who disagree are funded by the fossil fuel guys.

Pruitt assaulted the EPA’s “activist agenda,” although conventional wisdom would dictate that an agency tasked with protecting the environment would have to be somewhat proactive.

Policies issues aside, Pruitt’s time at the EPA has been fraught with controversy over his outrageous and illegal spending spree.

There’s the $43,000 phone booth in his office, first class and military jet travel to the tune of $60,000, his cozy Georgetown apartment owned by a lobbyist who wants favors from the EPA, flashing light convoys to expensive restaurants, a 24/7 presidential-sized security detail and so much more.

image: The Daily Beast

image: The Daily Beast

Pruitt fired or sidelined career workers who spoke out against his lavish, unscrupulous life style and gave massive pay raises to his hometown cronies.

If you think any of this is made up, send it Scott Pruitt and tell him to sue me.  That should give the EPA something to work on in lieu of protecting the environment.

You can read more about Pruitt by clicking HERE and HERE.  There’s plenty more, but I wanted to save some of that fact finding for you.

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